New York, NY - Finance, Corporate Treasury, Analyst / Associate

This Job Vacancy is no longer available!

Job Summary & ResponsibilitiesDescription of Corporate TreasuryCorporate Treasury works closely with the CFO, Treasurer and other members of senior management to manage the firm's funding, liquidity, capital and relationships with creditors and regulators. The department plays a key role in firmwide strategic and analytical projects, providing a unique insight into the firm's business activities and performance. Responsibilities• Develop and implement global and regional liquidity risk management and funding policies• Produce key risk management metrics that are used to manage day-to-day risks• Monitor liquidity risks relating to the firm's business activities, including trading, financing, and operational activities• Develop and implement liquidity and capital stress testing models• Size and manage the firm's liquidity pool• Manage various secured and unsecured funding programs, such as repo funding, term bonds, and bank deposits, in partnership with the Securities Division• Manage and optimize firm / customer inventory and derivatives collateral• Optimize the level and composition of the firm's capital base relative to its risk profile• Analyze new business initiatives and products to assess their liquidity risks and funding and capital requirements• Interpret and respond to …

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