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Direct search of senior-level professionals

Streamline your recruiting with the professional candidate database from Experteer. Use our smart search filters, identify from more than 1 million high-caliber candidates those who fit your openings and contact these candidates confidentially.

  • Access to more than 1 million senior-level profiles who are ready for their next career move

    The Experteer candidate database offers over 1 million active and passive senior-level profiles. On top of this, more than 100.000 new senior-level candidates from more than 600 different industries register on Experteer every month. Unlike the business and social networks, there is only one reason for these candidates to join Experteer: they want to make their next career move and are ready for you to approach them with your open positions.

  • Direct access to telephone numbers in Experteer candidate profiles

    7 out of 10 Experteer candidates provide their phone numbers, which are visible to you in the candidate profile, allowing you to call matching candidates directly. As a result, you quickly receive meaningful answers and can accelerate your sourcing process.

  • Positions from $100,000 Salary Benchmark

    In the Experteer candidate database you will find highly qualified candidates with an annual salary from $100,000.

  • Above average answer rates

    Contact your ideal candidates via the contact request tool of Experteer and achieve answer rates of up to 50 percent.

  • A discreet and closed career network - not an open business network.

    The main function of social and business networks is to connect with colleagues and friends and to create a "network ". In contrast, Experteer is a closed career service and allows you to contact your desired candidates in a discreet and confidential way.

  • Intelligent filter options for optimal search results

    Select from 20 main industries and over 600 specific sub-segments whilst utilizing the countless, intelligent filter options to easily, efficiently and quickly search for matching candidates:

    Filter by active, passive and non-seeking candidates and make your search more precise by selecting desired expertise, project experience, languages and much more. Once high potential candidates have been found you can easily compare profiles next to each other. In addition, contact requests can be sent in bulk to allow you to contact multiple candidates at the same time, discreetly and directly. Don't miss out on any new candidates - with our intelligent search agents you will receive updates with new matching candidates straight into your inbox.

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