Our Partners

Together we can achieve more

Partner Network

We offer recruiters the ability to export profiles, so that they can more efficiently maintain their candidate database within their own internal software programs. This gives our members a better chance at being found and contacted for relevant job openings.

Recruiting Services

We work with experienced specialists to identify, manage and contact senior professionals and executives more efficiently. We're also constantly working to expand our portfolio with the addition of innovative new products.


Our aim is to offer candidates and recruiters more orientation, in an environment that's constantly shifting and changing. Together with the help of external experts, we investigate current topics and trends, and provide our recruiters with all of the information necessary to successfully approach and recruit senior professionals and executives. We support our members by offering career-themed tips, as they prepare for the next step in their professional lives.


We work together with well-known partners in the media to increase the reach and visibility of our job postings, and thereby increase the strength of our own brand.

Career Services

To support our members with their next career steps, we've established partnerships with leading career advisors and services. As a part of this cooperation, we not only help our members to position themselves competitively in today's job market, but we also provide special career offers for senior professionals and executives.