Tax Accountant


We are seeking a Tax Accountant for our Financial Services team based in New York, New York. This role involves maintaining FATCA compliance, managing tax information, and consulting with marketing officers to obtain tax documentation from customers. You will also be tasked with reviewing W-8 series documents for accuracy, maintaining a database of customer tax documentation, and preparing the Bank’s annual 1099/1042 filings.
• Manage and maintain FATCA compliance, including tax information reporting, withholding, and customer documentation requirements.
• Consult with marketing officers to obtain necessary tax documentation from customers.
• Review and verify the accuracy and completeness of W-8 series documents.
• Follow-up with marketing officers and customers in cases of non-compliance.
• Maintain a comprehensive database of customer tax documentation (W-9 and W-8 series).
• Regularly update the procedure manual.
• Review global ISDAs for appropriate tax language.
• Assess new products for reporting/withholding applicability.
• Prepare the Bank’s annual 1099/1042 filings.
• Review NY Sales & Use tax returns and assist with NYS Sales & Use tax audits.
• Prepare the monthly deferred tax workbook for the Head Office.
• Calculate monthly tax accruals.
• Prepare income tax return work papers and tax returns using OneSource.
• Calculate quarterly tax payments.
• Assist in the monthly reporting process for the preparation of group financial statements.
• Conduct financial reporting to the European Banking Authority (EBA), FinRep, and ESG.
• Maintain sub-ledgers for leasing contracts and fixed assets.


• Proficiency in Accounting Software Systems such as CCH ProSystem Fx, CCH Sales Tax, and Intuit ProSeries
• Experience with ADP - Financial Services is preferred
• Solid understanding of Accounting Functions and Auditing
• Experience in Compliance and regulation in the Financial Services industry
• Ability to prepare and analyze Financial Statements
• Knowledge of IRS regulations and requirements
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Strong attention to detail and problem-solving abilities
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field
• Professional certification (e.g., CPA) is a plus
• Prior experience in a similar role within the Financial Services industry is advantageous.

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