I2 Analyst, Mid- TS/SCI


Are you interested in using your skills to help shape the Cyber, Security, & Intel space?  If so, look no further.  We are seeking an I2 Analyst to join our team of passionate individuals.  In this role you will support challenging, mission-critical projects that make a direct impact on the nation’s security and intelligence mission.  

Supports Intelligence Analysis and Scientific Analysis activities in support of Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), Intelligence (S2), Operations (S3) and Counterintelligence & Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Directorates. Collaborates with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and Department of Defense’s (DoD) best trained General Military Intelligence (GMI) professionals.  Will be required to provide stakeholders Intelligence Analytical support for all Intelligence factions. Provides necessary resources with knowledge and experience to support Weapons and Technical Analysis, Geo-spatial Intelligence Science and Analysis, Regional Analysis, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, and Counterintelligence (CI)/Human Intelligence (HUMINT).  


  • Conducts MULTI-INT triage, research, exploitation, organization, prioritization, analysis production, and dissemination in accordance with (IAW) Government priorities policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Provide expertise to provide support in all facets of I2 analysis, including, but not limited to, triage, research, exploitation, analysis, production, and dissemination of Biometric, Forensic, Face & Image Analysis, Cellular Exploitation (CELLEX), Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) derived products, and I2 training.
  • Develop products to include, but not be limited to, finished intelligence, biometric/biographic-related analysis reports, SIGINT or CELLEX-related analysis reports, DOMEX derived reports, All-source analysis reports, analytic briefings, RFI responses, similar products, training material, or future developed analytical products.
  • Exploit identity-related information, all-source/multi-intelligence information, cellular-derived information, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), in order to extract additional information using advanced analytic tools and methods to produce All-Source intelligence products up to a 24/7/365-366 shift environment.
  • Utilize DONISIS, BI2R, or any other additional or future systems or repositories for research and exploitation.
  • Ensure information contained within reports is intelligible, cogent, comprehensive, understandable, and proper syntax, formatting, and classifications are provided.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge and apply Identity Intelligence technical subject matter expertise of Electronic Fingerprint Transaction (EFT) files, Originating Identifiers (ORIs), Transaction Control Numbers (TCNs), Biometric Identifiers (BIDs), and other I2 biometric-related information.
  • Provide up to 24/7/365-366 support for the management of DoD Biometric-Enabled Watchlist (BEWL) and National Level Watchlisting operations, to include but not limited to: encounter management; nomination support, change requests, removal requests; RFIs; and/or other future BEWL or other Watchlisting type products at the DoD and National Levels. 
  • Triage, research, exploit, analyze, produce, and disseminate I2 information to support national level watchlisting in order to operationalize the output of biometric or forensic-enabled intelligence (BEI/FEI) and identity intelligence (I2) derived data to fulfill the DoD component of Homeland Security
  • Presidential Directives 6, 11, and 24.
  • Coordinate reach-back I2 support for deployed forces, and perform supporting tasks to successfully execute the I2 mission.
  • Provide tactical, operational, and national-level I2 support to all conventional USMC forces, as well as Government approved partner forces.
  • Provide up to 24/7/365-366 I2 support to all CONUS and OCONUS operations.
  • Manage/exploit I2 information using tools including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office Suite, tools, and databases.
  • Perform case management for all Department of Navy Identification and Screening Information System (DONISIS) submissions.
  • Monitor all shared inboxes on all required networks and forward pertinent emails to the appropriate Identity Intelligence Analysis Cell (I2AC) leadership. Coordinate with other organizations including, but not limited to, Data Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA), National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), and FBI Special Investigative Unit (SIU).
  • Apply forensics methodologies and analytical processes to identify, extract, exploit, and disseminate I2 information from documents and media seized during military operations. 
  • Extract facial images from media for further exploitation.
  • Establish a process for continually improving the selection and prioritization of files/documents to identify those with high potential for yielding relevant information. 
  • Establish and maintain a record of documents reviewed. 
  • Assess identity attributes contained in images and videos in order to achieve identity resolution for persons of interest to USMC and partner forces. 
  • Conduct tasks to include, but not limited to, 1:N searches, 1:1 comparisons, image optimization, image/video authentication, metadata analysis, identifying geolocations.
  • Conduct open source and classified research for high-quality images & videos.
  • Utilize facial recognition enabled software and databases.
  • Maintain collaborative relationships with other Facial Identification (FI) enabled organizations, and leverage their expertise.
  • Produce and disseminate Facial Comparison Analysis Reports (FCAR) or Media Exploitation (MEDEX) Rollups.
  • Shift work - start and end times will be at discretion of I2 Branch supervisors/leadership 



  • Demonstrates comprehensive mission knowledge and skills that affirms completion of all developmental training and experiences for the labor category. 
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate understanding from information that may be incomplete, indirect, highly complex, seemingly unrelated, and / or technically advanced. 
  • Demonstrates ability to structure analysis based on trends in reporting and a range of analytic perspectives from other analysts, organizations, and intelligence disciplines.
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently with minimal oversight and direction.
    Demonstrates ability to collaborate and work with other IC members on information sharing, driving collection, and addressing analytic disputes and conflict resolution. 
  • Demonstrates ability to develop concise, insightful, and comprehensive products for defense intelligence. 
  • Demonstrates ability to lead teams in researching multifaceted or critical problems. Provides guidance in selecting, designing, and applying analytic methodologies. Uses argument evaluation and validated analytic methodologies to challenge differing perspectives.

Clearance Required:

  • Active TS/SCI


  • Desired- Bachelor’s degree in an area related to the labor category from a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Desired- At least 8 years of experience conducting analysis relevant to the specific labor category with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years.
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