Managing Director, London

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The Techstars Talent Acquisition Team
Managing Director, London (on-site)
Salary 155k - 159k + 30% Bonus
Location: Aldwych, London
As Managing Director, London you are responsible for thought leadership in one or more Techstars Practice Areas, building an investor and early customer network, attracting the best and brightest founders to Techstars and aiding in the selection of investments for Techstars London. You will deliver one-on-one coaching to founders - guiding them through challenges, critical decisions and helping set strategy and tactics that accelerate their traction- during the program and support their fundraising efforts up to one-year post-program. In this key "London hub" role you will embrace and implement all elements of the North Star 2.0 vision and strategy, and serve as a positive internal ambassador of Techstars.
You will report directly to the General Manager and be part of a global team.
Core Responsibilities:
* Sourcing & Selection
* Partner with Marketing & the Investment Team to drive pipeline and recruitment of new companies.
* Champion promising teams and conduct diligence to bring founders to the investment committee.
* You will develop expertise in one to three Techstars Practice Areas and act as a thought leader internally and externally, across Techstars.
* During Program & 1 Year Post Program
* Partner with Accelerator program teams to deliver workshops to founders.
* Partner with Accelerator program teams to support founders via 1:1 mentorship and coaching.
* This effort requires a deep understanding of Techstars' portfolio companies' business and needs, allowing you to identify, analyze and problem-solve in a tailored way.
* Support founders throughout the fundraising process - from preparation to investor outreach and term sheet negotiation.
* Help close gaps by connecting founders with relevant investors, mentors, potential customers and partners.
* Partner with internal Techstars program teams and Portfolio Services to support founders in their fundraising journey to maximize successful funding outcomes.
* Ongoing:
* Serve as a thought leader and Techstars brand ambassador in the external community.
* Curate a strong network of institutional and angel investors to connect founders.
* Lead across the broader Techstars ecosystem to enable others and drive company growth. Examples include Mentoring & coaching new MDs, working on Techstars' strategic initiatives/projects that drive towards business goals, supporting transparency and accountability across the organization, and developing meaningful and beneficial relationships across the Techstars organization.
Required Experience:
* Entrepreneurial empathy - Must have founder experience, preferably been through failure and successful startups as a CEO or cofounder.
* 10+ years experience in fast-paced environments within technology, startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital required.
* Proven experience in developing and refining investment theses and compelling narratives to attract and secure funding for programs.
* A solid history of successful investments and evidence of assisting companies with post-program fundraising.
* Deep understanding of venture math, with the ability to model financial projections and returns (IRR, TVPI, etc.).
* Experience in navigating investment negotiations, including shareholder agreements and term sheet negotiations.
Required Abilities, Skills & Values:
* Maintains a high-quality investor network that actively generates beneficial connections for founders and VCs.
* Demonstrated ability in acting as a primary spokesperson and representing an organization both nationally and in local communities.
* Aligns with Techstars Values: think like an owner, win as a team, strive for excellence and analyze, execute, learn & iterate.
* Shaper of change: adaptive to, embraces and drives change
* Open-minded to alternative views and perspectives
* Collaborative and focused on the greater good for Techstars
* Critical thinker and problem solver
* Ability to effectively influence across different stakeholder groups internally and externally
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