IT Manager, Power Energy Management Systems

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    Major global player in the energy sector.


    - Manage 5-6 delivery teams, each responsible for a portfolio of systems.

    - Ensure the staffing and development of delivery teams, including both internal and contract resources, with responsibilities encompassing both operational and strategic changes.

    - Take a lead role in designing and implementing physical and short-term power trading systems while optimizing the global and regional systems landscape.

    - Ensure the efficiency of the trading systems landscape and the seamless integration of systems.

    - Coordinate configuration and change requests as needed by business stakeholders.

    - Collaborate with various business stakeholders to understand their requirements and provide system-oriented solutions.

    - Provide valuable inputs to procurement activities and oversee third-party suppliers within your domain.

    - Supervise projects within your area of responsibility and contribute to related projects.

    - Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and internal audit requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley, and enforce best practices and governance.

    - Promote a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

    - Contribute to strategy and budgeting exercises for Gas & Power IT.

    - Collaborate closely with other IT/Technology teams within the organization.


    - Over 5 years of experience managing multifunctional IT teams across multiple offices.

    - Work experience managing IT/Technology for a utility, power trading, or energy management company, with knowledge of trading environments (mandatory)

    - In-depth understanding of energy trading and management systems, including support technologies for managing renewables, batteries, and thermal energy assets.

    - Experience in IT procurement and supplier management is desirable.

    - Training and experience in IT service management (e.g., ITIL), project management (e.g., PMI, Prince 2), agile methodologies, cloud, and database technologies are beneficial, with certifications as a bonus.

    - An educational background, ideally holding a Master's degree or equivalent in computer science or a related technology or engineering discipline.


    - Our partner offers attractive salaries
    - You will enjoy a flexible work environment with the option for remote work one or two days a week to enhance work-life balance
    - Join a team that embraces the exciting challenge of transitioning from Oil & Gas to renewable energy, offering a unique opportunity for professional growth.
    - Contribute to our new direction focused on renewable energies by engaging in research and development to keep being successful on the new emerging market of sustainable solutions
    - Collaborate with a team of talented professionals, fostering mutual learning and growth
    - Be part of implementing efficient project management processes to maximize operational performance
    - Benefit from job stability within a large corporation while actively participating in innovative projects
    - The company invests in your professional development by providing training and development opportunities
    - Your work will directly contribute to reducing carbon footprint and promoting cleaner energy
    - You will have the opportunity to expand your professional network within the company and the industry
    - Our partner offers comprehensive benefits, including retirement plans, health insurance, and wellness programs
    - Explore international career opportunities within our global network
    - You will have access to cutting-edge tools and resources to successfully execute your projects

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