Director, Biomedical Engineering - Biomed

Under the general direction of Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO), the Director of Biomedical Engineering is responsible for the operational excellence of the department through a primary focus on equipment availability, timely preventative maintenance and seamless integration with the hospital's IT infrastructure and clinical applications to enhance patient care and support clinical operations.
The Director ensures compliance with Joint Commission and other regulatory and inspection agency requirements, guidelines and standards. The Director also works closely with Clinical Informatics, Data Engineering, IT Infrastructure, and Information Security to ensure bio medical devices are operated in as secure a manner as achievable, including network segmentation, vulnerability patching, etc. The Director will continuously work with the biomedical engineering team, clinical operations, clinical applications, integration engineering and IT infrastructure to use data to inform effective and pragmatic lifecycle management, including staying abreast of, and planning for, strategic developments and the technological evolution of biomedical equipment.
Bachelor's Degree
5 Years of Experience
Proven track record of leadership in biomedical engineering in a hospital setting
In-depth knowledge of biomedical equipment, including maintenance, repair, and integration with IT systems
Familiarity with relevant protocols and technologies used in healthcare IT, such as DICOM, HL7, and PACS
Familiarity with relevant regulations and standards, such as FDA regulations, Joint Commission requirements, medical device standards, and safety guidelines
Strong understanding of IT infrastructure and clinical applications in a healthcare environment
Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders at all levels
Demonstrated experience in equipment life cycle planning and management and in managing budgets, resources, and extensive vendor relationships
Master's Degree
10+ Years of Experience
Experience with the management of "connected" biomedical devices or the internet-of-medical-things (IOMT)
The expected hiring range for this position is $61.30 to $84.29
Rady Children's Hospital is committed to compensation that is externally competitive and internally equitable. We demonstrate this commitment by conducting regular market reviews to remain competitive with organizations of similar size in the nonprofit, healthcare sector. The range listed above does not represent the full salary range for the position but is the expected hiring range for qualified candidates. Compensation decisions consider a variety of factors including experience, education, licensure, unique skillsets, organizational need, and internal equity.
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