Chief Executive Officer



Attema is an ambitious developer and producer of innovative solutions in the market segments of Installation and Connectivity. Since 2017, Attema has been part of the family business KAISER Group in Germany.


Because of the planned retirement of the current CEO, Attema wishes to attract a new CEO timely to strengthen the company. You will be end responsible (full P&L) for Attema, leading the Management Team comprising the following departments; Operations/Production, Commerce/Sales, Product Development, Product Management, Finance & IT.

Key responsibilities

  • Innovation: realization of new products
  • Business development: the creation of new markets
  • Operational excellence: process improvement and modernization of the production site
  • Organizational development: building a strong and future-proof management team and a healthy organization (with a good mix of skills and experience from inside and outside the company)
  • Sales / Commerce: securing and expanding the market position of Attema in the Netherlands and export countries


Essential experience

  • University level of education with a business/ technical background
  • P&L responsibility for a comparably sized company or Business Unit
  • Experience in the markets that Attema is active in (at least one, preferably more)
  • Be familiar with Attema’s (wholesale) customers and at least affinity with electrical products
  • Proven track record in technical product and market development
  • Experience in managing a production facility
  • Speaks the Dutch, English, and German languages professionally or is willing to improve them to this level

Job Summary

  • ID: CD7F828D7C
  • Department: Attema B.V.
  • Type: full time
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