Executive Director / Administrator

We are seeking an experienced and driven Executive Director/Administrator to help us establish and lead develop our hospice services division and managed our existing homecare services. The successful candidate will be responsible for the overall direction of all services, including the employment of qualified personnel, the provision of services, the delegation of tasks to all personnel, and the establishment of standards of care to comply with federal and state regulations and guidelines. The Executive Director/Administrator will also be responsible for establishing, implementing, and evaluating goals and objectives for all services that meet and promote the standards of quality and contribute to the overall philosophy of the organization.

We are a privately owned and operated orgnization and offer support to this administrator through the corporarte office for the intake and scheduling functions.

This is a very high profile and unique position working for a proven and highly successful organization.

Title: Executive Director/Administrator
Location: Hartford County, CT
Potential Comp: $100,000-$120,000 + Bonus

What people are saying:

“This is a fantastic Agency to work for. I am so fortunate to work for a Agency that truly believes and practices quality care for our patients and an exceptional work environment.
“Wonderful agency to work for! The clinicians and staff genuinely care for the patients, families, and communities to promote aging in place.”
“This is a wonderful agency that provides outstanding care. I highly recommend their services.”

Key Responsibilities:

-Operational planning and ensuring organizational compliance with legal, regulatory, and accreditation standards
-Assuring that all business conduct is above the minimum standards required by law and will not condone any activities that achieve results through violation of the law, unethical business practices, or patient care
-Monitoring business operations to ensure financial stability
-Evaluating hospice services and personnel using measurable outcomes and data analysis
-Conflict and complaint management
-Establishing and maintaining effective channels of communication, including integration of technology
-Ensuring hospice personnel stay current with clinical information and best practices
-Ensuring adequate and appropriate staffing levels
-Staff development including orientation, in-service, continuing education, competency testing, and quality assessment performance
-Ensuring that interdisciplinary care is provided to patients
-Ensuring supportive services are available to patients and their families
-Ensuring coordination with other departments, services, and senior management
-Keeping staff and organization current on local and national hospice issues
-Developing and implementing service policies and procedures to accomplish identified goals
-Directing staff in the performance of their duties, including admission, discharge, transfer, revocation, and provision of service to patients
-Monitoring service utilization to ensure delivery of comprehensive care
-Ensuring services provided by other agencies are authorized by the appropriate regulatory bodies
-Monitoring operational progress toward accomplishing operational and strategic goals
-Ensuring appropriate data collection and regular, complete reports are received by the Governing Body
-Ensuring adequate space, equipment, and supplies are available
-Ensuring actionable objectives are derived from the evaluation of hospice services and data analysis
-Ensuring that structure and systems promote interdisciplinary care
-Collaborating with agencies and vendors for effective management of patient care
-Maintaining standards of ethical business and clinical practice

Position Requirements:

-A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Masters Degree in healthcare or a related field is preferred.
-Previous experience in healthcare management
-Demonstrated ability to supervise and direct professional and administrative personnel
-Ability to deal tactfully with the community
-Knowledge of corporate business management
-Understanding of hospice care and the services provided to patients and their families/caregivers through an interdisciplinary group
-Intimate knowledge of Medicare Hospice Certification
-Previous hand on experience working as an RN in a homecare or hospice business is ideal

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