Bellbrook - Anam Cara - Midnights

Employment Type:

Full time


Night Shift


Know, understand, incorporate, and demonstrate the Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Behaviors of Trinity

Health and Trinity Senior Living Communities in behaviors, practices, and decisions.

2. Consistently demonstrate (leads by example) Sanctuary Values to all internal and external customers (residents,

visitors, volunteers, and associates.) Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, propagating a calm

environment throughout the community.

3. Execute assignments in a culture that is shared and collaborative across all divisions within TSLC.

4. Mission: The Anam Cara within the Sanctuary maintains a mission-centered focus. The Anam Cara is expected to

set high personal standards, demonstrate an unwavering commitment to integrity, and behave in a way that reflects

the mission and values within TSLC. Each Anam Cara values diversity, expresses compassion for others and

respects and values all people. Anam Cara’s understand and articulates our heritage, mission, and values and uses

them to inspire others. The Anam Cara continuously works to align processes, behaviors and policies within the

Sanctuary and reconcile inconsistencies between words and actions.

5. Resident Rights: All employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of resident care information and

comply with all TSLC HIPAA policy and procedures. The Anam Cara is to ensure all Elders are treated fairly,

with kindness, dignity, and respect. Anam Cara’s must ensure that all nursing care is provided in privacy and

privacy is afforded to all Elders within the Sanctuary. Anam Cara’s will knock before entering the Elder’s private

bedroom. All Anam Cara’s are required to report all allegations of resident abuse, neglect, and /or

misappropriation of resident property. The Anam Cara should honor the Elder’s request to refuse treatment and

inform such requests to the nursing supervisor. The Anam Cara is required to report all complaints and grievances

made by the Elders to the director of nursing.

6. Activities of Daily Living: The Anam Cara is responsible for providing all activities of daily living to the Elders

living within the Sanctuary. These activities include, but are not limited to bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring

residents, grooming and personal hygiene, meal services including cooking, clean up, feeding, serving, admissions

and discharges, responding to Elders needs, conducting range of motion, position, lifting, and turning, participate

with rehabilitation and restorative needs, wash laundry and conduct light housekeeping as needed including

upkeep of Sanctuary and resident rooms.

7. Medication Administration: The Anam Cara will prepare and administer medications as directed. Medications will

be administered within ordered timeframes in accordance with established Sanctuary procedures. The Anam Cara

will ensure all medications and treatments are kept secure, i.e, medication carts and treatment carts are locked

when not in sight.

8. Life Enrichment: Activity, Social interaction, Spiritual, and Companionship The Anam Cara will drive an Elder

centered activity calendar within the Sanctuary. This would include ensuring religious services and needs are

available. The Anam Cara will work in conjunction with community support staff to adapt activities to Elder’s

condition and cognitive abilities. Social interaction taking place within the Sanctuary is focused on Elders and

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conversations are Elder centered. Elders are included in a social interactions, conversations, and decisions

surrounding life within the Sanctuary. The Anam Cara will ensure that each Sanctuary has appropriate equipment

for activities, promote fun, spontaneity, enjoyment and Elder interaction when doing events or activities within the

Sanctuary and ensure that these events and activities are desirable for that particular Elder population

9. Communication: Provides regular and timely feedback with other members of the Sanctuary, the Elders within the

Sanctuary and to the support staff within the community. Communication is honest, respectful, and reverent to

Elders and at the Elders pace. Keeps Elders informed of the daily happenings within their Sanctuary. Promotes

an environment of good communication within the Sanctuary. Ensures medical, spiritual, and social concerns are

communicated to appropriate support staff.

10. Quality: Recognizes that the Mission Driven Quality Assurance Program promotes positive outcomes in quality of

life and care for Elders. Ensures that quality indicators are met on a regular basis, demonstrates the understanding

of those indicators by focusing on the Elders life and continuously strives for improved communication,

processes, systems, learning, teamwork, and problem solving. The Anam Cara will report any changes in Elder

behavior, mood, cognitive status, response, including subtle changes in habit and personal routines. The Anam

Cara is responsible for meeting with support staff within the community to assist in identifying and correcting

problems and improving clinical treatments. The Anam Cara will apply all infection control standards within the

Sanctuary and report to appropriate committees and support staff infection control trends or issues. Each Anam

Cara observes Elders for changes in condition and promptly reports changes including vital signs, levels of

consciousness, or symptoms of pressure ulcers. All Anam Cara’s will assist in the review and revision of Elder

care plans.

11. Safety: The Anam Cara is responsible to follow established community safety policies and precautions. Reports all

unsafe conditions within the Sanctuary to appropriate support staff. Ensures that the Sanctuary is clean, orderly

and free from hazardous conditions. Ensures compliance with appropriate infection control policies and universal

precautions. Is able to demonstrate knowledge in relation to proper use and storage of materials, supplies and

equipment, and equipment is clean and properly maintained within the Sanctuary.

12. The Anam Cara is knowledgeable of MSDS (material safety data sheets), can locate and identify the community

disaster plan and responds appropriately in fire or disaster situations. Understands community evacuation plan.

Each Anam Cara is responsible to report all resident and staff injuries and incidents to appropriate designee.

The Anam Cara is competent in the use of all community equipment and ensures its proper function. Uses

appropriate care planned safety equipment with each Elder within the Sanctuary (Lifts, stands, gait belt, etc)

13. Work Ethic: Demonstration of Work Ethic An Anam Cara understands the importance of productive work

within the Sanctuary. An Anam Cara works independently with little direction from a supervisor. Ensures the

timely arrival to work daily and understands the importance of good attendance. Complies with attendance policy.

An Anam Cara uses work time to ensure quality of life for Elders within the Sanctuary, and avoids conducting

personal affairs while at work. Participates in on-going education and growth opportunities to improve life within

the Sanctuary.

14. Customer Service / Family Support: Anam Cara’s are focused on continued customer service within each

Sanctuary for the Elders, other staff members, and the families of Elders within the Sanctuary. Each staff member

will listen to internal and external customers and assigns the highest priority to their satisfaction. The Anam Cara

will inspire a passion for excellence and quality in every aspect of work, integrate internal and external customer

feedback into the Sanctuary, and ensure Elders likes and dislikes are met within the Sanctuary. The Anam Cara

will identify support systems both inside and outside of Sanctuary to assist Elders and family members with

concerns, questions, and general information.

15. Skills and Knowledge: Each Anam Cara is able to demonstrate competency of clinical skills as well as overall

knowledge and competency of equipment, care plans, and work assignments. Each staff member ensures work is

conducted accurately and within specified timeframes for completion. Reports to others both in and outside of

Sanctuary all necessary information to ensure quality outcomes are achieved and maintained. Assists in the review

of work assignments and schedules to update and change task objectives. Ensures tasks are performed in

accordance with community and Sanctuary policy and procedures and work routines.

16. Documentation: The Anam Cara is required to maintain appropriate documentation of Elders within the

Sanctuary according to community policy and procedure. Ensure appropriate changes in Elder condition are

documented appropriately and required staff members are informed. Each Anam Cara will participate in the

continual updates of Elder Care Plans. Enters information and documentation accurately in CareTracker in

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accordance with company policy, practice and standards.

17. Proper use of Equipment: Each Anam Cara will maintain adequate competency levels on all equipment within the

Sanctuary. All equipment will be operated in a safe manner. Anam Cara’s will report all defective equipment

within the Sanctuary to the required support staff. Assist in the assessment of equipment needs for the Sanctuary

to ensure highest level of services to Elders within the Sanctuary.

18. Enters information and documentation accurately in Care Tracker in accordance with company policy, practice

and standards.

19. Attend and participate in scheduled training, in-service training, mandatory annual in-service training and

educational classes as required/needed.

20. Report occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals in accordance

with the community policies and procedures.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Trinity Health is a family of 115,000 colleagues and nearly 26,000 physicians and clinicians across 25 states. Because we serve diverse populations, our colleagues are trained to recognize the cultural beliefs, values, traditions, language preferences, and health practices of the communities that we serve and to apply that knowledge to produce positive health outcomes. We also recognize that each of us has a different way of thinking and perceiving our world and that these differences often lead to innovative solutions.

Our dedication to diversity includes a unified workforce (through training and education, recruitment, retention, and development), commitment and accountability, communication, community partnerships, and supplier diversity.

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Job number: 00408777
Date posted : 2023-02-02
Profession: Nursing Support
Employment type: Full-Time
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