Pharmacology Scientist and Manager

My client is expanding their global operations and seeks a leader with expertise in the oncology pharmacology space.  The ideal candidate will take on the following tasks:

·        Direct the expansion of laboratory footprint and services and develop and implement processes to improve efficiency and utility.
·        Manage all model development program functions including development paradigms, model data and characterization acquisition and assignment, and external partnerships.
·        Serves as a scientific liaison and advisor for internal and external collaborations as needed for development and operations.
·        Oversee lab staff and processes, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of all core functions.
·        Ensure professional growth of staff through use of performance evaluations and mentoring.
·        Maintain necessary technical certifications, complete skill assessment testing, and attend relevant continuing education programs. 
·        Implement and adopt electronic data management system.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

·        PhD/MS and 5+ years of experience in academic and industry setting.
·        Experience managing projects and personnel.
·        Understanding of oncology drug development programs in the pharmaceutical industry.
·        Desire to contribute to expanding firm.

Title and salary are commensurate with experience.

Type: direct hire

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