PVHE Discipline Leader



  • Responsibility of the activities pertaining to the discipline within a project, in compliance with the assigned budget and the project schedule, assuring the cost optimization.
  • Management of a group of Static Equipment Engineers appointed to the project and reporting to the Project Engineering Manager for the peculiarities of the project and to the Static Equipment Head of Department for resources and the quality of the deliverables.

Key activities and responsibilities

During the execution of a project, the duties of Project Lead are:

  • Prepare and discuss with Project Team (Project Director/Project Manager and Project Engineering Manager) and Static Equipment Head of Department the execution strategy of the project (including the project schedule) and assure its application throughout the entire project life. For specific topics involving high level of expertise he/she is assisted by Static Equipment Engineers;
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the Project Engineering Manager and the other Project Lead Engineers to create and maintain the project procedures, guidelines and standards;
  • Assure the coordination of the activities of the discipline regardless the location and distribution of the engineering centers guaranteeing the consistency of the documents with the contract, the respect of the time schedule, the implementation of the contract requirements, the compliance of the assigned budget (both cost and man-hours) and the quality of the deliverables under the guidance of the Project Engineering Manager and cooperating with the other Project Lead Engineers;
  • Interact with Client representatives and Vendors for all the technical topics impacting on the project both in time and costs;
  • Guarantee assistance to the inspection and construction departments upon request as per project needs.
  • As a member of the department, the duties of the Project Lead are:
  • Provide feedback to Static Equipment Head of Department concerning problems arising from application of standard methods and work instruction to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department;
  • Conduct technical training as per department and Company needs and exchange experience with colleagues of the entire Tecnimont Group for new Design techniques;
Keep him/herself up-to-date about the technical specific improvement of the discipline.
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Office: Roma
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