Technology Manager, Syngas, Petrochemicals Asia Pacific

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BASF has been a committed partner to Greater China since 1885. With large production sites in Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing, as well as a global and regional research and development hub in Shanghai, BASF is a major foreign investor in the country’s chemical industry. BASF posted sales of approximately 8.5 billion in 2020 to customers in Greater China and employed 8,948 people as of the end of the year. For further information, please visit

BASF is currently building a new Verbund site in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. Announced in July 2018 and officially commenced in November 2019, BASF Guangdong Verbund site project would be BASF’s largest investment with up to US$10 billion upon completion and would be operated under the sole responsibility of BASF. The site would ultimately be the third-largest BASF site worldwide, and will be built into a role model for smart manufacturing and sustainable production by utilizing the latest digital technologies and applying the highest safety standards.


  • As the future technology expert for production processes of Syngas.
  •  process in the Petrochemicals Division, work together with Global and China mega project team to design, engineer, construct, start-up and operate a petrochemical production cluster for BASF.
  • Design phase of the project will be executed in Shanghai. The project and future plant management team will move into BASF New Verbund Site in Guangdong Zhanjiang.

Main Tasks:

  • Coordinate with the project team to achieve the requirements regarding cost, schedule, quality and safety.
  • Take the responsibility as a commissioning manager to prepare the production cluster for a safe and successful start-up. Define commissioning, operations and maintenance concepts.
  • Support the Petrochemicals Division management in preparation and execution of process safety reviews.
  • Act as a Deputy Technology Manager until ready for start-up of the plant by ensuring the implementation of all the project technology requirements.
  • After start-up, act as a Process Manager, key member of the plant management team, direct reports to the Senior Process Manager, be responsible for continuous improvement process in operation.
  • Select and implement optimization technologies, analyze daily operation and identify potentials for improvements.
  • Take care for important safety relevant documents ensuring the responsible care principles of BASF.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in chemistry or chemical process engineering, profound knowledge in petrochemical processes.
  • More than 4 years in operations experience in production processes of Syngas.
  • More than 8 years operations experience in responsible position in large scale petrochemical industry. (external posting)
  • Experience in areas like major turnarounds, shutdown/re-start-procedures and trouble shooting.
  • Fluent English, strong leadership skills, and willingness to drive sustainable solutions.

The Petrochemicals Division is the "Heart of the Verbund". It produces and markets a broad portfolio of Petrochemicals. The chemicals are used among others in PET bottles, antifreezing agents, coatings, superabsorbent polymers, carbonated drinks or cling films to name only a few examples.

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