Logistic Planer ( f/m/d)

  • C-JIS, CA, San José area

  • Confidential Salary

Desired areas of expertise:

Conflict solving
Project Development
Logistics Planning
Written communication skills
give advice to others
instrumentation equipment
design drawings

Vermittlungsart: permanent contract

Branche: Automotive Supplier Industry / Tier 1 / exterior, injection molding

Ort: USA, CA, Area San José

For our customer we’re looking for a

LogisticPlaner (f/m/d) exterior, injection molding


  • Responsible for Logistic planning, product distribution in warehouse area and logistics flow solutions
  • Verifying the design drawing and operation card of the new product packaging;
  • Guide to communicate the design idea and sample production with the suppliers of appliance
  • Verifying the procedure of batch production
  • The production schedule tracking and acceptance checking
  • Assistant the daily operation of logistic
  • Supervising the packaging appliance management
  • Supervising the formation of supplying and purchasing plan
  • Organizing the project development work
  • Carrying out sector management, staff management
  • Complete other tasks assigned by superior
  • Promoting the relevant system of logistic


  • Bachelor degree or above in logistics or related professional
  • More than five years of logistic team management working experience in auto part industry, multinational logistic working experience is preferred
  • Good communication skills, be familiar with multicultural communication skills
  • Rich experience in logistic planning, shipping, assembly and customer delivery
  • Familiar with JIT/ JIS logistics service mode
  • Having the logistic system establishment experience in new plant is preferred
  • Persuasiveness and resilience
  • Fluent & effective verbal and written communication in English is necessary
  • Communicational and rhetorical skills and the ability to manage conflicts
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