Chief Executive Officer

  • Ascend Learning, Brooklyn, NY - United States

  • $ 200,000+

Desired areas of expertise:

Education experience
listening and communication skills

We're looking for a candidate to who wants the opportunity to make an impact in people


In collaboration with the Board of Directors

• Clarify and communicate the vision, values, brand and identity of the network ensuring internal alignment and buy-in as well as understanding of how this guides decision-making across the Ascend community

• Lead the development of a multi-year strategic plan in collaboration with the Ascend Learning Board and the Ascend Public Charter School Board to provide a clear roadmap for the organization with concrete goals, targets and measures for achievement

• Ensure Ascend delivers on its planned real estate development, facility management and growth commitments while developing and implementing a long-term strategic plan

• Champion and inspire all members of the community with Ascend's success stories, goals, plans and results

Build, support and maintain a diverse team and inclusive culture of excellence:

• Build a culture of excellence, collegiality, transparency, integrity, and innovation

• Actively model, engage, drive and lead conversations and efforts to develop and implement diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism goals and strategy for each function and level of the network and its schools to ensure that all constituencies have voice and opportunity to influence Ascend's work

• Implement a talent strategy that ensures Ascend can recruit, retain and develop high performing talent at every level

• Maintain high visibility and accessibility and foster relationships at every level of the Ascend community

• Foster collaboration, partnership and communication at all levels within the network, between schools and between the Ascend Learning and Ascend Public Charter School boards and empower staff to maximize productivity, ensure professional excellence and promote teamwork

Drive effective execution and accountability in support of student success:

• Establish and maintain a high bar of excellence and ensure each network and school function consistently meets or exceeds this standard in order to place students firmly on the path to success in college and beyond and as people who can think on their own, thrive on their own and engage the world as informed, responsible citizens

• Set clear annual academic, financial, operational, fundraising and growth goals that align to the long-term strategic plan and vision

• Implement effective accountability systems to drive progress toward meeting and exceeding goals, priorities and implementation plans and ensure operations are financially sound, legally compliant and safe and supportive of students

• Ensure the team is cohesive and unified with transparency in job opportunities and hiring processes, and clarity on decision-making, roles and responsibilities and shared systems and ways of working that are supported and implemented with fidelity and integrity

• Promote the innovation, testing, piloting, and scaling of new solutions that drive student development and achievement in alignment with our inclusive, culturally responsive approach, values and educational model and in close partnership with families

• Ensure the network team is resourced, developed and supported to achieve growth and innovation, meet goals, deliver on commitments, adapt to changes and provide the highest quality support and services to schools, students and families

• Implement and maintain effective communication systems that align with network, school and community requirements

Attract, develop and maintain partnerships and resources:

• Develop and nurture new and existing philanthropic relationships while increasing Ascend's capacity for fundraising and development

• Develop meaningful partnerships and relationships with key local and national leaders, government and authorizing officials, national charter management organizations, and community-based organizations

• Communicate the Board's vision and Ascend's story in a manner that assures Ascend, its mission, programs and services are presented accurately and reflect care and commitment toward meeting the community's needs


• Previously a senior leader with experience operating in a large, complex organization

• A comfort and willingness to lead a community in addressing and building diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism throughout the institution

• A track record of leading, motivating and developing large, high-performing teams

• Education experience that indicates knowledge of how students and adults learn

• Experience partnering effectively with a Board of Directors and constituents

• Excellent listening and communication skills

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