Global Compliance and Ethics Officer

  • Align Technology, San Jose, CA

  • $ 300,000+

Desired areas of expertise:

Chief Ethics Officer

Collaborate with senior leaders and working with Regional Compliance and Ethics (RCE) 


  • Conducting risk assessments;- identifying and prioritizing risks;
  • implementing effective internal controls; including, written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct;
  • developing and leading Align’s strategic GCE training program;
  • conducting internal monitoring and partnering with Internal Audit as required;
  • managing Align’s incident reporting system (including hotline and other channels);
  • directing investigations, responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking appropriate corrective actions
  • developing and providing regular reports on the effectiveness of Align’s GCE program.
  • Build and Manage the GCE Team- Foster an Ethical Culture & Values- Policies and Procedures
  • Reporting and Monitoring


  • make ethical and legal choices;
  • comprehend and apply complex laws and regulations to a variety of scenarios;
  • collaborate across the organization working with a culturally diverse population;
  • promote trust and integrity in a global environment;
  • communicate clearly and effectively with all stakeholders;- provide innovative, practical judgment and counsel;
  • proactively identify risks and manage crisis situations;
  • develop innovative and creative solutions to problems; 
  • work within tight deadlines and prioritize under pressure.
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable global legal and regulatory requirements relating to interactions with health care professionals and health care fraud and abuse laws; and how these requirements apply to the organization’s daily operations.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with developing and implementing compliance and ethics programs for global, publicly traded companies.
  • Solid experience integrating compliance and ethics controls into business imperatives, goals, and compliance risks, and using those drivers to identify appropriate compliance strategies to facilitate business objectives while mitigating legal risks.
  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree required.
  • 10+ years medical device or drug manufacturer compliance professional experience; 8+ years’ experience managing people strongly preferred; 5+ years legal operations experience strongly preferred
  • Juris Doctor or Masters of Business Administration preferred.- Experience with a global, publicly traded company preferred.
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