What do the salaries in Munich look like?

As introduced before, Experteer has a proprietary salary benchmark tool that allows candidates to look at the job market in a more transparent way. Our tool is specifically able to check data based on the branch, function, location and other parameters that a user enters and come up with a potential ‘salary’ benchmark based on that.

These are of course only just ‘benchmarks’ and one can expect that the real job positions are usually in that range. Using this tool, we decided to have a look at what the senior management salaries in Munich look like, in the Internet technology sector, which is often new and exciting for many candidates.

3 ways in which  salary benchmarks can help you

Salary benchmarks to improve your current job standing

In your field/ sector/ branch a salary benchmark can help you see your current positioning in comparison to the market. We already know salary is a taboo topic, so instead of getting into legal or social trouble and asking your friends in senior positions, you can check salaries that you must expect directly and discreetly from a tool.

Salary benchmarks to help you negotiate better

If you are trying to find a new job, a salary benchmark tool is a great source of information to ensure you are able to negotiate well for a new position. Like we described these are only ‘benchmarks’ but they ensure you do not suffer from a wide gap in terms of salary. Knowledge like this can make you a more confident negotiator.

Salary benchmarks to set future goals

If you have a defined position (internally or externally) that defines your dream job, it is helpful to know what that dream job may help you with, in terms of tangible salaries. In our Salary Infographic below, if you were for instance, trying for a job in the ‘Internet industry’ in Germany as a Manager, this is what you could potentially expect. This may also help you realize which function or branch you may gravitate towards- if salary defined a large part of your job related satisfaction.

And now for salaries in Munich in the Internet sector for managers, have a look!

Salaries in Munich for managers in internet sector and expats

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