How a simple paper cut led me to reevaluate my health insurance

What an Expat Can Learn from a Paper Cut

Suddenly, German bureaucracy doesn’t seem that annoying when it comes to health insurance coverage. A few months ago, I developed a blood infection, or a Blutvergiftung, from a paper cut. Back home in Bulgaria, no one would have paid attention to such a little injury. Luckily, I was in Germany: the land of care and prevention.

Coming from Eastern Europe, I was amazed by how organized and reliable the health care system is in Germany. Yet, there was still one major problem – it’s all in German. From finding the right insurance, to scheduling appointments and figuring out the reimbursement process, it cost me a lot of time and patience.

ottonova’s Expat Tariff allows non-German customers like Yoana to easily manage their health insurance.

Starting in 2018, expats can now avoid this struggle with the help of a Munich-based insurance start-up called ottonova. ottonova is the first private health insurance that decided to make it super simple for expats by offering their services, from the very first consultation, in English. Reimbursements, questions about health and contract coverage, finding doctor’s appointments – all in English!


ottonova has even launched a special rate for expats allowing customers to save a significant amount of money from their monthly premium. According to this calculation, a 30-year-old employed expat could save up to 3.204€ per year with the Expat Tariff, compared to the cost of public insurance.

Health insurance made easy

As the first completely digital health insurance, ottonova offers its customers a 24/7 English speaking concierge team. Whatever questions you might have, the Concierge is there to help. They can also organize your doctor’s appointments and guide you through the German healthcare system.

You can also use ottonova’s e-doctor functionality and speak directly with an English-speaking doctor. These free video calls are included in your monthly ottonova premium. You can receive diagnoses, treatment plans, and even sick notes for work – wherever, whenever.

Nevertheless, you can use the ottonova app to upload pictures of all your receipts. You get reimbursed within a few days – before the bill is even due – without any additional paperwork.

You never know what is around the corner, and when you might need medical assistance or advice. So, I suggest you reevaluate your current health insurance plan. Don’t be lazy with the things in life that really matter!

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