6 Unusual Employee Benefits

You might think that when it comes down to employee benefits, you are aware of all options: company car, fuel card, laptop and mobile phone. But these benefits are only those that fall into mainstream practices. Some companies took the concept a step further to secure their talented employees’ loyalty. Here are our top 6 eloquent examples:

Unusual employee benefits

Botox Injections

The employees of US gas producer Chesapeake did not only have access to their own fitness center and yoga classes along with their children, but also to cosmetic treatments the company compensated for. The medical centre situated within the company’s premises performed cancer screenings, lesions removals, and even Botox injections. They even reported improved employee engagement!

Travel anywhere

It’s a known fact that getting your car checked or fixed requires time. And as Cisco doesn’t want such activities to affect working hours, they had set up a system in which a car care company was brought to the office as frequent as every two weeks. This is not limited to Cisco. Start-up, Air BnB offers its employees a cool USD 2000 to travel– anywhere!


Many large companies have their own cafeteria, but Microsoft draws a whole bigger picture. In the center of their Redmond campus there is a shopping mall with as many as 23 shops and restaurants, plus wellness center, bicycle repair shop and a pub. Also offered by Pinterest is frequent shopping trips to the Apple store (yes, hold your sighs).


The personnel of Friendly Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants don’t have to worry about having to leave their pets alone during the day, as the company appointed specialists to provide pet-care. They also provide health insurance for vet costs.

Wine bar

DPR Construction offer their employees a wine bar, encouraging them to uncork a wine bottle when celebrating successful projects. It’s only the Texas office that lacks a wine bar. Instead, they have an in-house saloon.

Fertility treatment

At Alston & Bird employees benefit from a $25.000 fertility benefit built into health plans. This way, treatments as complex as in-vitro fertilization or as alternative as acupuncture are covered.

Any other ideas coming from your side? Maybe next time you negotiate your compensation package you throw onsite childcare or life coach in there. After all, your needs are important to the employer and you might be surprised by how flexible some companies are in this respect :-).


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