The ugly truth about the recruitment industry

Today, we present to you some of the facts from the recruitment industry, which are likely to hold true when you are applying to an executive position as well. One may argue on the subjectivity of whether or not these can really be called “ugly”, it is indeed important to take note of these aspects while applying for jobs.

Here are the 3 key points to remember:

1. Ugly truth about the recruitment industry: Most recruiters and headhunters will check your online profile before you get a chance to present yourself and showcase your skills. This means, creating an online brand is no longer the future, but something you need to invest in right now!

2. Ugly truth about the recruitment industry: Most recruiters will take less than a few minutes to skimp through your profile, which means they need to see what they’re looking for. This means, your resume or profile needs to contain the right key words, career goals and needs to have the readability following the 30 second rule- it should be clear, precise and to the point. All the relevant experiences should be detailed out in the beginning.

3. Ugly truth about the recruitment industry: With attention spans going down across levels, industries or functional areas, it is not surprising that most recruiters will not read further once they discover a single mistake.

This means proof reading the resume and profile a few times over is really not banal or overrated. One single mistake does not mean that you’re suddenly skill less, but it does show your attention to detail and a miss here can often lead to you missing a dream career!

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