top failures in interviews for management jobs

Top failures in job interviews for management jobs

Not for the first time are we talking about the subject of interviews for a post in our Experteer magazine. As the key to your future, the next interview for management jobs is not something you can avoid dealing with. Sure, if you have the picked out the appropriate suit or the perfect dress, reached in time for the interview and met your interview partner with the head held high and firmly shook hands, that’s not so bad for a start. But that is only half the battle. Off the cuff, would you know where the sources of errors lurk? We have collected the most common mistakes in an interview for you. Why leave your success to chance during the interview. Being prepared is usually worth it.

top failures in interviews for management jobs

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 Top failures in interviews for management jobs

1. The ex-employer
If you have had bad experiences in your last job, then now is certainly not the time for cleansing the soul. If you criticize your ex-employers in the job interview in the first place, you run the risk of giving the impression that the desired location is sought only out of frustration and because of your genuine enthusiasm. How about go along the lines, “I was still unsure of what I would like to do, but now I’m more clear about what what direction my career is taking…”

2. The right level of restraint
No one denies that you should show your best side in a job interview. However, you should not overdo it with dollops of self-praise. Both an extremely shy and an extremely over the top candidates leave no positive impression on the Headhunter. We recommend approaching the interview delicately and firmly. Be honest but also critical about your characteristics. You also want to expect more from yourself. Arrogance is incompatible with team spirit and extreme shyness excludes leadership.

3. Dishonesty
Anyone who has compromised his or her integrity  at the beginning of the employment itself, will potentially sooner or later have to face the consequences. Is there a gap in your resume? Then honestly deal with it and be prepared for potential issues beforehand. Because if later a lie is revealed, more serious consequences are likely to show up. Even if you are sure that a small inconsistency will not be noticed, you may be surprised by headhunters or top recruiters. They are very good at it, so let’s not expose them to petty lies.

4. Inadequate Body language
The right body language is often underestimated in the context of a job interview, especially for the effect on the other party. An upright seating position or a firm handshake can already say much about you. Lack of eye contact, mumbling instead of talking and timid gestures may be perceived as a lack of self-confidence. Also remember the correct dress-code. For men jeans may be taboo just like a mini-skirt for women. You need to feel comfortable in all events in your clothes.

5. Lack of spontaneity 
Spontaneity can help you to be more flexible. Let’s get ready for the interview but absolutely leave room for spontaneous answers. Anyone who reacts spontaneously, looks relaxed and authentic. So if you can showcase your witty repartee and leave a lasting impression. Being bound to a learned concept rigidly, will make you sound stuck-up and unreal.

6. The Perfume

Scientists at the University of Mannheim have made an interesting discovery: They found that the perfume of candidates in job interviews influences the hiring decision. Floral scents had significantly poorer responses in choosing candidates regardless of their chances of getting the job. So to the next interview better select a stronger bitter scent, maybe in future it is not just your answers that get you the position! In addition, perfume apart, I do not think we need to discuss a generally tidy and non-smelly appearance.

So, have fun in your next interviews. We hope you soon land the management jobs you got your heart set on!

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