Start off the New Year right – with a career advantage!

Top 10 Career Tips: Kickstart Your Career

Did you know that most career moves are initiated at the beginning of the year? As you are thinking of moving your career forward, companies are also using the start of the year for new strategic directions, and thus, new employees. January is the highest season for recruiters. Ensure you’re at the top of your game by following these top 10 career tips we have compiled for you to kickstart your career.

Kickstart your career!

Tip 1: Establish your career goals!

Take this time to reflect on where you are now and where you want to go next. Having clear goals and objectives will get you there. Read more here: Establishing Career Goals to Achieve Your Dreams

Tip 2: Update your resume!

What have you accomplished in the last year? Review your year’s achievements and projects you’ve finished and include them in your resume. Also, if you’re thinking about a career abroad, create The Best International Resume for Senior Managers.

Tip 3: Brush up on your interview skills!

Whether you have an interview scheduled or not, you should always be able to answer The “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question. Review the most common interview questions so that you’ll always be ready whenever opportunities arise.

Tip 4: Polish up your social media profiles!

Potential business partners or other key players in your industry may be searching for you right now. Social media can play a huge role in your reputation so keep it professional and build a strong online presence. It could even help you Get Noticed By Headhunters!

Tip 5: Activate your network!

The people you meet can have a lasting effect on your career. Stay in touch with your previous colleagues and learn How to Network to create mutually beneficial relationships with new ones.

Tip 6: Educate yourself!

Ask yourself, ‘Are You a Candidate for Executive Education?‘ It’s never a bad idea to learn a new skill. Search for interesting courses that could give you a competitive edge with fresh insights and useful ideas.

Tip 7: Position yourself as an expert!

A strong Personal Brand Can Give Your Career a Boost. Consider your unique selling points and exploit it to position yourself as an expert. Maintain your image both on- and offline to establish your credibility and reputation.

Tip 8: Refresh your professional wardrobe!

A first impression makes all the difference and your appearance plays a large role. Do you have The Perfect Business Outfit? How you look can exude confidence and make you stand out. Invest in corporate clothing that can be used for any professional situation.

Tip 9: Mind your body language!

What unconscious signals are you emitting to your team members through your body language? Consider the 7 Nonverbal Cues that determine how you are perceived by those around you and make adjustments as necessary. Portraying yourself as a leader encompasses everything from what you do and how you do it.

Tip 10: Know your worth!

The number on your paycheck isn’t just about the money, but also portrays the appreciation for the value you bring. Learn
The Golden Rules of How to Negotiate Your Salary and tell your superiors that you not only deserve more but that you are crucial to your company’s success.

Also, be sure to check out the Salary Calculator to get an idea of what you should be negotiating for in the new year.

Now that you’re armed with our best career tips, start the year off right – with an advantage. We wish you the best career success for the new year!

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