8 tips to refresh during your year end break

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end even if the summer holiday feels like it happened just yesterday. Everyone is looking forward to the holiday period of the year. Holidays should allow for rest and free your mind. In the few days or several weeks we will finally once again have time for ourselves and do things that are so have far fallen on the wayside.

Time to relax on the year end break

But many do not make it actually succeed in turning off while on vacation. It is not uncommon for supervisors and managers to come in the company during their vacation time for meetings. So much so for relaxation and unwinding. We have 8 tips for how you can make your holiday and refresh during your year end break so that you come back with a new enthusiasm back to work next year!

8 Tips for refreshing yourself during your year end break

1. Keep work emails away

It is not for nothing that the automatic email responders are working for all people informing you that they are currently in their well-deserved vacation. You might think, well, I’m at home and can sleep in and that is already enough for holidays.

Wrong! Your head needs now and again a change of scenery. Even if you enjoy your work (yes!) you can fully charge your batteries again only if you force yourself to banish all work content from your daily holiday routine.

2. Try getting out of your city

Do you live just around the corner from your office? Perfect, then you can meet with your colleagues to discuss work over lunch … NO !! Would they really want to know that your project is running much better than others in the company? Or how annoying your boss is?

A simple way to get rid of any bad conscience (or regrets for later), is creating a physical distance. You do not even have to travel great distances but just for a few days try  being in another city or go to friends. In fact, maybe it’s finally time for the long awaited trip to the USA or the Far East! This is good for you and keeps you from thinking too much about your work. Even the coffee machine at work needs a refresh and cleansing time, yes?

3. Take a break from your electronic devices

Digital living has enriched our lives, no question. This makes it increasingly difficult for us to actually turn off the devices. A technical trick here and there, and suddenly you are at home for employees and bosses at all times and an e-mail to all others lands in your mailbox. How about a digital detox? Try to adjust your smartphone so that you can be reached only by certain people.

Banish your laptop and make use of your partner’s, where you do not have access to your work e-mail inbox or your passwords that are saved for company accounts. Go out in the fresh air and leave your mobile phone at home. Read a nice book, perhaps in the bathtub. You do not want your new iPhone to get wet ..

4. Try something new

Bring some spice to your daily routine. Treat yourself and leave your home as often as possible. Now winter is ideal for this process- head to a sauna or meet up with a friend for brunch. Go through the program of events in your area and create something new in your day. Are there things that you have always wanted to do? Now is the time for it.

5. Plan in advance

The holiday is here and you have no desire to organize anything because you feel completely exhausted? Plan ahead. When your body first notices that you now need longer time off use that as motivation- but start soon. And if someone asks how you have planned your vacation, do not sound pitiable. Plan, also so that you can look forward to something that makes the last few days at work a lot easier.

6. Do not take work home

This certainly goes without saying. If something does not get finished before your holiday, it can either wait until you are back again, or you need to delegate it to a colleague.

7. Have fun

This may sound banal but many are plagued during their vacation time with bad conscience and they are conceptually inseparable from their work. Here is our unconditional recommendation for you: Have fun! Check out the latest comedy or indulge in sports. Do things that make you laugh and be happy. This is the best medicine for stress.

8. Make a list for the next year

What would you like to achieve professionally in the next calendar year? What excites you at work? What changes would you make in your working style?

Would you like to work on a few management skills? How can you make your teams more creative? What are the new things you’d like to try at work? Fine tune your lists and aspirations. Ask yourself these pertinent questions. Make a resolution list that you want to achieve. Set goals.

Breathe in the fresh air of optimism and be hopeful. Start afresh!

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