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The Worst Bosses – Lessons Learned from Famous CEO’s

Bad news travels faster, they say. When it comes to workplace horror stories, reports of bad bosses are shared more than most – especially in the case of these famous CEO’s, reported to be the worst bosses. Everyone has their own sad tale to tell — or knows of one — in which a supervisor has made office life at best challenging, or at worst, unbearable. A number of studies show that having a bad bosses can even make a person sick. Stress brought on by negative work environments can result in high blood pressure, anxiety and sleep disorders, among other problems. Horrible bosses are not the norm, thankfully. But that still leaves a lot of professionals struggling to deal with a poor manager.

Are bad bosses born or made? It’s hard to say, yet it’s clear that certain personality types do not lend themselves to roles that require strong people leadership. Here we examine eight horrible boss types based on current and former CEO’s who exhibit the worst behavioral traits of each type. Maybe you’ll recognize a boss you know in one of these:

Kate RodriguezKate Rodriguez is a freelance marketing copywriter based in Munich. She has over 20 years of professional experience in public and private organizations. A former international trade analyst for the U.S. government, she also worked as a university career coach, specializing in international career search.


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