The Most Valuable Skills for Your Resume [Infographic]

The challenges and changes to the modern workplace are a hot topic nowadays. We recently released a whitepaper on the current Recruitment-Trends, and tried to prepare our readers for the upcoming changes in the job market. What will this mean for your applications? What are the most valuable skills for your resume? We can’t stress enough how important it is to pay attention to the technological changes and the demands of the new workforce (keyword: millenials!).

Here are our three suggestions for the most valuable skills for your resume, when you want to apply for a Senior Management position.

1. The Multi-Cultural Workplace

Workplaces and offices are becoming increasingly multicultural, in companies worldwide. This brings with it unlimited potential for creativity and enthusiasm, as employees bring their own unique ideas, experiences and values to share with one another.

Certainly, this also raises plenty of challenges and sometimes even tension. As a manager, to be capable of integrating these employees effectively, you must become skilled in the relevant competencies to handle a multi-cultural workforce. Consider taking a course or attending training on this subject – you can proudly present this on your resume to demonstrate your knowledge of this trend, and your capabilities of managing a diverse and exciting staff.

2. The Empathetic Workplace

Empathy matters now more than ever. The younger executives in the leadership sector are different, in that they orient themselves more towards a healthy work-life balance, as opposed to the more narrowly career-driven executives of yesteryear. If you want to avoid losing your best employees, you should make sure to demonstrate empathy, and make sure you indicate that their work is extremely valuable to you and the rest of the company.

A private conversation to communicate this, one-on-one, would be very helpful, as well as more constructive. To convey this efficiently on your resume, indicate that you are good at communicating, specifically in providing feedback to your employees and working towards motivating them to succeed through positive reinforcement.

3. The Virtual Workplace

Home office, and telephone conferencing as a less conventional and modern substitute for the regular office, are now regular fare for interview discussions. These are often a deciding factor for hiring managers. Therefore, as a senior manager, you need to know how to handle virtual teams, how to lead productive discussions via Skype, and how to coordinate global teams. Do you need a few tips? Then read more here.

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