How to earn up to $300,000 per year as a business unit leader

The Best Paid Functions for Senior Managers and Business Unit Leaders in the US

Finding new jobs in leadership positions is an intricate affair. Although the economic landscape hasn’t been the most promising in recent years, the US job market still offers some valuable options. Naturally, some fields offer impressive figures for salaries, while others pale by comparison.

While the figures are continuously shifting depending on the field you work in, high-paying industries and professions are relatively the same for both senior managers and business unit leaders. Here are the highest paying jobs for senior managers and business unit leaders alike in the United States and what you need to do to attain them.

Finding new jobs in leadership positions is an intricate affair. However, if you manage to land or climb up the corporate ladder to one of these jobs – the rewards will be substantial.

Where Should Senior Managers Look?

If you’re searching for a high-paying senior manager position, there are a few fields you need to consider. Depending on your university degree, job history and skill set, you have a few options. The top five best paid fields that offer positions for senior managers are:

  • Law, with an average annual salary of $213,486;
  • Research and Development, with an average annual salary of $208,988;
  • Sales, with an average annual salary of $202,965;
  • Consulting, with an average annual salary of $180,451;
  • and Telecommunications, with an average annual salary of $175,023.

However, having a strong emotional intelligence level is proved to grant you as much as $29,000 more each year on your salary, so this is also something you can take into consideration when applying for a job.

In terms of job count, it goes the usual way: the higher paying the job, the fewer positions available. However, this is not true for all fields. While there are just 170 counts of job openings for senior managers in law, the lowest number statistically speaking, the field of telecommunications does not offer the highest job count.

Instead, senior manager positions in consulting are the most numerous, with a total of 2,689 jobs. It is implied that this particular field is also the least competitive. However, if you want to apply for a job in any of these fields, you must take the entire process very seriously to succeed.

Preparing for the interview is a crucial step in getting your new leadership job. Take your time to go over potential interview questions, as well as master the perfect way to emphasize what makes you a suitable candidate for the job. You’ve surely been through these motions before and came out successful, so channel that energy into your future interview.

What About Business Unit Leaders?

Moving up the hierarchy into the domain of business unit leaders, some of the high-paying fields coincide with those for senior managers. Let’s have a look:

  • Law pays an average annual salary of $326,176 for business unit leaders;
  • Research and Development pays an average annual salary of $294,966 for business unit leaders;
  • Consulting pays an average annual salary of $272,445 for business unit leaders;
  • Personnel pays an average annual salary of $248,706 for business unit leaders;
  • and Manufacturing pays an average annual salary of $247,970 for business unit leaders.

The top three are almost the same, with consulting having moved a step up in the hierarchy for this particular profession. What’s even more interesting is that the same field of consulting services offers the highest number of job opening for business unit leaders as well, with a total of 54.

When going into your interview, keep in mind that the numbers presented before are the national average. Your salary package will differ depending on the field, company and so on. However, if you ever feel that you are due for a raise, there is always the option to negotiate your salary with your superiors when the time is right.

Choose the Right Field

The most certain way to find a profession which allows you to perform at your fullest potential is by choosing the right field. Weigh in your background, your needs and your expectations carefully. After all, you know yourself and what you’re capable of better than anyone else. Finding a new job can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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