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The Best Industries for Career Changes

Often times senior managers feel that despite their best efforts they are not able to maximize their potential in their current position. Despite their dissatisfaction in their current company or industry, many nevertheless cling to their positions out of insecurity or fear of what would accompany a career change.

Best Industries for Career Change

As reported in one Experteer article, this fear is particularly prevalent amongst senior managers over 40, and the same article provides reasons why senior managers should overcome those fears and insecurities and pursue careers in other industries. But what exactly are the best industries for career changes?

Once you’ve considered all the factors mentioned in this Forbes article, the time is ripe to consider the best industries for career changes that put your skills and experience to good use.

When choosing your next industry, it is important to factor in not just your skills and experiences, but also the industries currently seeing growth or which are expected to rocket in the near future.

After all, growing and new industries are often in need of precisely the leadership and management skills you offer, even if your previous industry was not a perfect match.

Some of the Best Industries for Career Changes Health Care

As more and more Baby Boomers wrap up their careers and head off into the halcyon days of retirement, the needs of the health care industry in terms of senior managers increase two-fold: on the one hand this is one of the best industries for career changes because of the vacancies left by retiring Baby Boomers.

What’s more, a larger number of retirees with greater demands on the healthcare system coupled with a large health-conscious population of young and middle-age people require experienced hands to organize and ensure the many aspects of health care.


Nowadays, a high school diploma does not get one as far as it used to, and more and more people are improving their prospects by getting advanced degrees in a variety of areas. Government projects predict large increases in the number of people attending universities, colleges and other further education institutes.

Naturally, this will require more faculty members to instruct learners, but it also means more positions for senior managers who deal with administration and management. Without a doubt, the education industry is one of the best industries for career changes.

Internet-based Companies

Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to lose ground to companies based solely on the World Wide Web. Senior managers looking for the best industries for career changes should therefore highlight how their experience can help these internet-based companies expand even further.

While skills you have honed over your career are in high demand, you will also be able to exercise your skills in new areas thanks to the mobile and global aspect of just about every internet business out there.

Computer and Network Security

With the rise of the internet, comes the rise of a need for online security, making the computer and network security industry one of the best industries for career changes.

As an industry on the rise, this sector will benefit dramatically from the large number of migrants it obtains from other industries, all of whom have different skill sets and experiences that will greatly enhance the industry’s ability to think outside the box and ensure high levels of computer and network security.

The list goes on…

If you’re looking for the best industries for career changes, then other industries you should consider include:

  • Venture capital
  • Online media
  • Information services
  • Management consulting
  • Investment banking

Take some time to consider where your interests lie and what industries might benefit from you skills as senior management. Once you’ve thought about which industries might be the best fit, consider the information in this Experteer article to determine how to best go about making the change. And then forge ahead and achieve success!

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