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Think International

Think International – Global Recruiting in 2015

Intercultural competencies, a globalized work environment, international experience – sounds great, right? But what do these concepts mean for you and your career? How does globalization affect talent recruiting, and how do employers compare on an international level?

Things you should never say to your employees

Things you should never say to your employees

As a boss you bear some responsibility towards your employees. We have often emphasized on the importance of communication in the workplace. Communication is not only important to put expectations in place but also helps us see how we can motivate our employees. But there are a few statements, that will quickly sideline you from the good boss track. Lindsay Broder has summarized “7 things you should never say to your employees”.

transitioning from a colleague to the boss

Transition from a colleague to the boss: The challenges of management jobs

When I grow up, I’d like to be a boss. Perhaps not the most common career people end up having, but I am sure that it’s on your list too. The executive chair offers many benefits: Decision making power, great travel and of course the big money and all that sounds excellent, right? But is there something we are missing- can all that glitter be gold? We spoke with someone who should know. Michael Dams is currently the Managing Director and Director Central Europe (DA-CH) at National Instruments


Germany As a Top Country for Expats

It has scored remarkably high in global expat surveys in the last two years, allowing us to see the European economic power house in a new light. What is enabling the growth of Germany as a top country for expats? What are the key advantages living in Germany when looking through the eyes of expats? How do they perceive and evaluate living and working in Germany? And on the other hand, what are the main challenges for expats adjusting to the local culture in Germany?

taking time off helps work productivity

The Case for Vacations: Why taking time off helps you work harder

It is a fact well-known that everyone needs a vacation. Human beings simply aren’t designed to expend energy continuously. Rather, we’re meant to pulse between spending and recovering energy. It is for this reason that many offices around the world even have “renewal rooms” for employees to nap, meditate, or relax throughout the day. Vacation deprivation increases mistakes and resentment at co-workers, Businessweek reported in 2007.

job applications process in Germany statistics

Expat tips: The Job application process in Germany

As mentioned before, Germany is now a big destination for people from different countries, and its booming economy has meant that jobs have been plenty. Of course there are basic needs and expat learnings that we keep sharing with you, but we also thought it would be interesting to show case how the job application process in Germany has changed over years and share some of the statistics around it.

German integration for expats interview German by doing

Expat learning: be German by doing

We have covered personal experiences of senior professionals getting to International work environments and all of them have stressed on the importance of adapting to new cultures when in a new location. Many senior professionals tend to get to the US and Germany – these being the top two big destinations for expats and senior professionals currently.

issues with diversity in germany

Diversity in Germany: it has a lot to do with the politics!

When Sam Mendes made the American Beauty, in the academy awards that year it was heavily nominated (of course!). Someone in the ceremony said, ‘the best movies about America are made by non-Americans’. This could be transported to other cultures too, in the sense that someone from outside is able to present a critique in a much more stark light. With the increasing diversity in Germany, the workforce has an ever increasing push of new cultures.

Stories Germany as a destination for foreign senior professionals

Germany: A Popular Destination for Foreign Senior Professionals

It’s no news that Germany is an attractive market in Europe now also being the world’s 2nd most popular immigration destination after the US. It is interesting to us then to look at foreign senior professionals who have made Germany their professional home. Everyone comes from a different part of the world with their own stories, and…

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