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How to Get Hired: German Edition

Applying in Germany: Tips for the Perfect CV

In an international context, a CV or a resume can vary depending on the culture and labor practices in each market. There are no real resume rules and you’d potentially find thousands (if not more) templates on a Google search. However, when moving countries, new cultural differences are seldom taken into consideration. At Experteer, we…

What Leaders Should Know

The Secret to a Successful Stint Abroad

Champagne in France or beer in Bavaria? When working abroad you will discover new perspectives, but be prepared – it isn’t automatically the case that upon return you’ll be met with a promotion. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

How a simple paper cut led me to reevaluate my health insurance

What an Expat Can Learn from a Paper Cut

Suddenly, German bureaucracy doesn’t seem that annoying when it comes to health insurance coverage. A few months ago, I developed a blood infection, or a Blutvergiftung, from a paper cut. Back home in Bulgaria, no one would have paid attention to such a little injury. Luckily, I was in Germany: the land of care and…

Diversity in the workplace

Understanding Cultural Differences – How Germans and Americans Can Work Together

The offer of an attractive position abroad – either from your own company or through a headhunter – can often lead to significant career progression. Experience abroad can be the key to making that next career step, and the USA is a very popular destination for working professionals. In order for a new position to…

Manners for global managers

International Business Etiquette Quiz

Does the thought of traveling for work excite you – flying business class to far-off lands and experiencing new cultures? Business and social etiquette can be tricky, especially in foreign countries. Making the right moves and saying the right thing can make a big difference in your career. Take the Experteer quiz on international business…

Relocation: mobility as an important career factor

New Job, New City, New Happiness?

New York, Seattle, London – today more than ever it’s beneficial to change employers and locations several times in the span of a career. What are the challenges associated with making such a move, both professionally and personally, and how will you master them? The fallacy of the “lifer” In the recent past, it was…

Photo With Your CV.
To pic or not to pic

Should You Put a Photo On Your CV?

One notable challenge in an international career search is how best to create a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume that conforms with local norms. CV formats vary widely from country to country, and if you want your job application to be taken seriously, yours needs to follow the right layout. A frequent question when applying…

The gap between executive salaries and executive compensation.

What do CEOs really earn in the UK?

What Do CEOs REALLY Earn in the UK? There’s been a lot of discussion lately about executive earnings. Reports of eight-figure CEO salaries make headlines, yet when you search for figures on average pay for company leaders, the numbers are much smaller. Truth is, there’s a huge gap between the official salaries CEOs say they…

Managers On the Move An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives
Managers on the Move

An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives

Ever considered boosting your career by moving abroad? Choosing to live in another country is no longer the privilege of a select few. Learn what life abroad is like for the average expat executive.

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