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Why you need to stop multitasking

How to Stop Multitasking and Be Productive at Work

The technological of recent years has indeed made our lives easier. We can take our computer to the sofa, are always-on and online everywhere with our heavy mobile phones around us everywhere. That sounds pretty good to start with, right? However, this convenience also has its pitfalls. Suddenly we are sitting at the breakfast table, discussing the next major project with colleagues, receiving a call from the customer and have just the new and exciting products open in the browser, along with something which was just posted on Facebook.

Cities with the best opportunities work abroad

Working Abroad: The cities with the best opportunities

The opportunity to work abroad once is something many people like to experience and choose. It starts as far back as a student attempting to study a semester abroad. In many programs, it is now an obligation and more and more companies are requiring this of their future employees. A job abroad can not only spice up your resume but you also give you more personal cultural learning. It’s a way for you to experience new cultures, and expand your horizons.

how do senior professionals evaluate their job satisfaction

How do senior professionals evaluate their job satisfaction?

On the one hand, due to the prevailing economic climate companies are forced to develop innovative products and to prevail on a hugely competitive and highly technological market. Therefore, they must invest in their human capital. On the other hand, the motivation and commitment of employees is nowadays is largely dependent on how much a company committed to the development of its employees. Here questions arise such as, what is the meaning and purpose that these employees associate with their daily work?

Sleepless in management jobs

Sleepless in management jobs

Sleep is an important factor of our life. We sleep on a daily basis and can not survive without it. The functions of sleep are still largely unknown. The oft repeated key function of sleep is the self-cleaning function of the brain. Energy saving is also plausible in this context. It is clear, at least, that we are not powerful without sleep and would probably not survive. The longer we are awake, the greater the sleep pressure. People who suffer from sleep deprivation, even develop schizophrenia-like symptoms. However, most professionals tend to be sleepless in management jobs

Money is not the only way for employee motivation

Money is Not The Best Method of Employee Motivation

Lack of motivation in the workplace is a major problem for employers and managers- it leads to decreasing productivity, passive behavior and an increase in absenteeism. On a larger level it leads to what one can call “internal termination”. Employee motivation is an important issue for managers at all levels. But how do you motivate the employees?

Tips for business travel in management jobs

Tips for business travel in management jobs!

Congratulations for your new management jobs or even a high flying consulting career! While we have reported the rise of virtual teams and office, at the executive levels one can seldom manage absolutely no travel in today’s global businesses. That’s the key reason for us bringing you the tips for Business Travel! We are assuming you are suffering like others in executive jobs and hope these tips can come in handy!

How to start your career afresh

7 tips on how to start your career afresh

After working with one of the big 4 consulting firms for over 5 years, I decided to hit a weird career crisis, and start afresh. I was looking for doing new things considered ‘unsafe’ when not in the early 20s. And then I had a problem- how do you start ? Here are my top 7 tips on how to start your career afresh.

best work-life balance jobs

10 jobs with the best work-life balance

Glassdoor recently released a report (as on Mashable, see below) sharing the best job titles that had been surveyed to have jobs showcasing the best work-life balance. We have talked about how work-life balance issues are the talk of the town with some senior managers at times not even realizing that they’re suffering from a serious condition of stress and anxiety due to their jobs.

what is your work process

What is your work process?

Each of us has a unique work process – the way in which we approach our work, and get things done. Your “mojo” is the creative power behind your success – an internal factor that shines through your outside structure. It is your mojo that makes you magnetic, attracting people to you who want what you offer. For most of us, our work process is a mix of the “curation” and the “creation” mode.

experteer munich where we are

How do you experience work place culture?

Of late we have talked plenty on company culture- what it means to create one, how can we hire right to match, and most importantly how do we create the right, creative mix. Taking a step back, I thought through the question that was most pertinent before we began the real analysis- how do you experience work place culture?

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