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The Experteer story reflections from a start-up CEO

The Experteer story: Reflections From a Start-Up CEO

As we talk about multiple leadership styles and opportunities and challenges that come across in the startup world, it was interesting to look back on our own story. We spoke with Christian Göttsch, founder and CEO for bringing you the Experteer story.


How do you create the right work culture?

Recently, @newscred ran a Twitter chat, the topic was: how do you create a culture of content in your organization? I’ve worked for 8 years now. I’ve been through 3 university degrees, and everywhere no matter what anyone says, I’ve understood one thing: one of the biggest impediments to successful project executions is not the technology, tools or anything fancy, but the people and their work culture. How do you create the right work culture?

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How easy is the German tech start-up scene for you?

If you are in the business of the Internet, Munich is a brimming place to be in. Berlin may have its share of open spaces and culture, but the Bavarian capital is not far behind with a string of International start-ups lacing the technology scene.

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