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Stoic vs. Speechless - How Senior Managers Handle the Tough Questions

How Senior Managers Think: Learn How to Handle the Tough Questions

Can you handle taking on this project?“ or “Why am I only getting these results now?” Tough questions like this can fluster even the most capable senior managers. The wrong reaction could seriously impact your career, so it’s important to handle these situations with great care.

How to Define Your Value Proposition for Executive Career Success

While being in senior management positions, it is inevitable that we tend to work expansively on projects and timelines that are short. This means, it is critical to define the value proposition of any project that we invest our time in. In a similar manner, to attract the attention of your boss or a headhunter for a coveted position that you may desire, it is critical to be able to define your professional value proposition. What do you bring to the table?

confrontation into opportunity

Turning Confrontation into Opportunity – How to Handle a Critical Colleague

It could be perfect – your presentation is convincing, your arguments are precise, and it looks like the management of a new team, which your boss decides, is in your grasp… if it weren’t for that stubborn colleague vehemently criticizing your every move. Maybe he sees his criticism as a possibility to grab some attention and further his own career?

How to not be busy in management jobs

How to Unburden Yourself From Being Too Busy in Management Jobs

For 10 years researchers studied the behavior of busy managers in nearly a dozen large companies. Their findings on managerial behavior showed that fully 90% of managers squander their time in all sorts of ineffective activities. In other words, a mere 10% of managers spend their time in a committed, purposeful, and reflective manner.


How to Motivate Your Employees as a Manager

We can’t always entrust all leaders to have the skill to consistently motivate employees. And employee motivation is now much more serious as a topic- and that’s a good thing! Nevertheless, many forget that not every strategy to motivate staff is equally effective. In addition, the needs of workers have changed, especially in recent years.

How to avoid presentation panic

How to Deal With Presentation Panic

Another 10 minutes…you notice how your hands are sweaty. Slowly, your heart rate increases. The queasy feeling in your stomach is already there … 5 minutes remaining, the countdown is on. How will you stand over there in front of this crowd and your team, whose eyes pose as threat constantly affecting you. Oh God, what if they make fun of you in the team room later?


How to use transferable skills in your new jobs?

Transferable skills are competencies and abilities that are relevant and valuable across different areas of life: socially and professionally. Also known as ‘portable skills,’ they can be transferred from one job to another, and could also extend to and include one’s hobbies, sports, volunteer work, or other important life experiences.

10 buzzwords that you must stop saying at work

10 Things You Must Stop Saying at Work

As I read this post on LinkedIn, I felt amused. Coming from a consulting background, work jargon was not new. And then it really does not depending on the job type. Actually all organizations tend to have ‘in-house’ work slang and buzzwords that a newcomer or an outsider can never understand. Till of course, they start using those same acronyms and terms.

How to gain more in negotiations

How to Gain More in Negotiations

To negotiate is definitely no cake walk. Change of perspective and understanding of the different needs of the stakeholders is only one of many issues. Keeping in mind the multiple difficulties associated with it, we want to present to you, how to gain more in negotiations! Whether at your next salary discussion or with a buyer, read further to position yourself better.

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