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How to evaluate your strengths & weaknesses for ultimate career success

Tips on Writing Self-Assessments for the End of the Year

As here self-assessment, also known as a self-appraisal or self-evaluation, gives employees the opportunity to share with their manager the work they have done since their last review, how they have performed on those tasks, areas they feel they can improve on, and what their supervisors can do to help them perform their job better….

tips for answering common interview questions

Tips on Answering 5 Common Interview Questions

So you’re through to the interview stage. Having presented to many directors and board members over the years, a meeting to discuss a career opportunity shouldn’t feel daunting. However, even the most self-assured executive can feel a degree of apprehension when facing something outside their immediate control. Not knowing what will be asked could be…

Accelerate Your Career

Achieve Success – With These Tips from Pro Athletes

The Superbowl showdown will go Do you want to improve your career by leaps and bounds? Congratulations, you’ve already cleared the first hurdle: you’ve set a clear intent for the future! But if you’re not yet sure how to achieve your goals, that perhaps they’re out of reach? Today we’ll examine the success strategies of professional…

Rhetoric for Senior Managers - How to Become a Great Public Speaker

Rhetoric for Senior Managers – How to Become a Great Public Speaker

Stuttering, sweaty palms, jitters and shakes – even for senior managers, public speaking can be intimidating. Rhetorical skills are a key competency for executives. Who wouldn’t want to be composed, confident in every situation, and capable of finding the right tone for every tough conversation? Rather than boring one’s employees to death with dry lectures,…

6 Tips for Settling Into Your New Job text

6 Mistakes to Avoid at Your New Company

A new job can be stressful, and on the first day, you’re already in a tough position – how do you make a great first impression? How do you earn the respect of your colleagues, while learning the lay of the land? So many factors, so many variables, and the pressure is on. To acclimate properly, there are a few Do’s – and plenty of Don’ts. When you start working at a new company, try to refrain from making these mistakes.

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

Be honest – are you too comfortable in your current position? Are you bored by your daily routine? Then it’s high time to make a change! Only those who are open to developing and growing as individuals can advance professionally. Our society is especially open to drastic changes and big moves, and it’s essential that professionals are capable of taking initiative in this day and age. This requires commitment and courage – and it’s worth it. Try leaving your professional comfort zone. We’ll show you how to find a new perspective and make the next step in your career.

Trick Interview Questions

Watch Out for These Trick Interview Questions!

“Tell us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Whoever thinks that this question hasn’t been used in an interview is wrong. Senior managers aren’t any exception to this rule – they apply to positions with lots of responsibility, and they’re also interrogated at great lengths. The HR manager that sits across from you and quizzes you most likely wants to find out as much as possible about your skills, your leadership abilities, and your personal and professional values. The candidate that panics under this pressure and begins to tell ridiculous stories about their barbecue last summer has already lost any chance at securing a spot. We’ll show you 4 trick interview questions that you may encounter in a job interview, and how your hiring manager will interpret your answers. Today you can learn how to stay calm and poised under pressure, and convey that you’re the perfect candidate for the senior management position.

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won't Accept

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won’t Accept

There are some skills that successful leaders radiate. So it stands to reason that these same skills are a priority when it comes to creating their own teams. In order to attain the sought-after position of Senior Manager, or to find the right mentor for you, we recommend that you consider your own skills and talents. What are character strengths that you see as a prerequisite for senior managers?

The Three Components of Great Leadership

The Three Signs of A Great Leader

to be a manager is a task. To be a leader is a skill. We’ve put together the three signs of a great leader. Which will you be – a manager, or a leader?

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