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requirements for the modern manager

The Requirements for the Modern Manager

“There are no bad teams. There are only bad officers.” Napoleon Bonaparte stressed the necessity of a strong leader when it comes to delivering the optimum performance for a team – or perhaps the best economical situation for the long-term success of a company. But today’s managers are not only the boss, the role model, and the leader commanding respect, they’re also motivators, sparring partners and mentors. The requirements for leaders nowadays are becoming increasingly complex.

With the help of ManagerFragen.org, a German platform that allows senior executives a place to discuss management topics and current events in the HR sphere, we asked some experienced executives for their thoughts on the question: what are the requirements for the modern manager?

a change of career at 40

A Change of Career at 40 – But How?

After decades of working in the same industry, with the same daily duties and responsibilities, it’s understandable that you may feel unchallenged, and maybe even bored. But most senior professionals are too scared to try something new. It can be intimidating to consider a change of career at 40 or older, but as with most major life changes, the hardest part is simply to start. The third act of your career might be the most exciting. Don’t allow a fear of the unknown to prevent you from exploring a new direction. Sites like Experteer can offer you access to more than 20,000 headhunters and recruiters who can help you seamlessly transition into a new position or industry. But first, you need to figure out your goals for the future – what kind of job would make you the happiest? What are your goals? Read on for tips on how you can discover your perfect career, and put the spark back in your professional life.

what kind of leader are you

Quiz: What kind of leader are you?

Leadership is the most important discipline for senior managers, perhaps because there are so many mistakes one can make. Whether it’s a project gone awry or an issue with computations, studies show that it’s often the fault of management, rather than the employees, when things go wrong in a company. That’s reason enough to review the importance of leadership within a company. How do you work most effectively with your team – and how does your team work best with you? Observing, cooperating, or simply letting them take charge? Find out what kind of leader you are!

how to become a cmo featured

How to Become a CMO

For years, corporate experts have claimed that the position of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is dead. But marketing is not a trend of a phase – this position is certainly not gone, but perhaps it’s just evolved. In today’s job market, flexibility is a key quality for senior management, and top executives are expected to have a wide variety of skills and strengths. So rather than writing off the CMO position as a thing of the past, consider that perhaps it’s simply the title that’s changed, not the position. For those ambitious professionals who want to know what it takes, how to become a CMO, you’ll need to sharpen your skills in several sectors – get your toolkit ready, and good luck!

HR software and recruitment tools

How to Select HR Software and Recruitment Tools

Looking back today in any company, we see intelligent systems that perform routine tasks such as personnel expense reports, time and attendance, workforce planning, controlling or training management and support the recruitment team in the battle for the most skilled and talented minds. In the era of globalization and high-end technology, the vacant positions are no longer stuck on physical bulletin boards but with each company utilizing its online presence.

7 steps for a successful interview

7 Steps for a Successful Interview

Have you ever wondered what makes some people so successful in an interview for a job? Did they just luck out or was it some innate characteristic that made them irresistible. Or have these people just acquired some techniques that they use cleverly in an interview? At the beginning of a new year, we have enlisted 7 tips for ensuring you have a successful interview!

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