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How to evaluate your strengths & weaknesses for ultimate career success

Tips on Writing Self-Assessments for the End of the Year

As here self-assessment, also known as a self-appraisal or self-evaluation, gives employees the opportunity to share with their manager the work they have done since their last review, how they have performed on those tasks, areas they feel they can improve on, and what their supervisors can do to help them perform their job better. Given…

compiling a self review

Compiling A Self Assessment

Your supervisor most likely has her own opinions regarding your working style and efforts. But in order to get a better sense of your performance, it’s common practice to ask employees to complete a self assessment to gauge their perspective on how things are going. Though stressful, this policy allows you the opportunity to highlight the projects you’re most proud of, to reflect on the biggest challenges you’ve encountered throughout the year, and to tell your side of the story. By compiling your own self assessment, you’re given a tremendous chance to communicate openly with your superior, while showing a great deal of self awareness. Take advantage of this task, and use it to demonstrate why you are, why you have been, and why you’ll continue to be a great asset to your company. Here’s how.

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