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4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

Recruiters are trained to look for the best of the best. So it’s not difficult for a talented recruiter to spot a candidate who isn’t prepared, or simply unfit for the position in question. In an interview with a recruiter, you’ve got a very short window of time to truly impress them.

Recruiting advice no headhunter ever tells you

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Will Ever Tell You

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Ever Tells You

Most recently, I read through a great piece by David Rogier on Medium about the best recruiting advice he ever got. As any self-respecting ambitious professional wanting to get a great position at a dream company, David talks through his struggle to get himself a position in a ‘start-up’ and the advice he got from Tristan Walker.

flexible headhunters make fewer mistakes

Flexible Headhunters Make Fewer Recruitment Mistakes

Today’s executive job market is competitive: on the one side, candidates must make sure that their skills and experience place them in the ‘winner‘ category, while on the other side, companies strive to hit the bullseye in respect to talent. Perfect matches are possible, but only if a couple of rules of the game are…

Expert Advice: Land More Interviews!

Developing a CV can be a nail-biting experience. There are so many different aspects to a great CV – content, wording, style, format, design – but most importantly, strategy. That might not be what you expected me to say. Most job seekers do not consider the audience and instead compose the CV to please themselves….

6 Truths about Personal Branding

If the concept of ‘Personal Branding’ and its alleged importance in the job seeking process have been giving you headaches, it’s time for you to take a step back and try to wrap your mind around the facts surrounding it. It is common knowledge that the job application process involves marketing yourself as a candidate,…

Power Words to Use in Your CV

Imagine the job application process to be a marketing campaign which promotes YOU. The CV the executive recruiter receives needs to be shouting ‘Interview this candidate!’ Solid arguments have to sustain this message and enticing phrases have to convey it. By integrating power words in your CV, you raise the interest of the reader and…

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