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confrontation into opportunity

Turning Confrontation into Opportunity – How to Handle a Critical Colleague

It could be perfect – your presentation is convincing, your arguments are precise, and it looks like the management of a new team, which your boss decides, is in your grasp… if it weren’t for that stubborn colleague vehemently criticizing your every move. Maybe he sees his criticism as a possibility to grab some attention and further his own career?

How to avoid presentation panic

How to Deal With Presentation Panic

Another 10 minutes…you notice how your hands are sweaty. Slowly, your heart rate increases. The queasy feeling in your stomach is already there … 5 minutes remaining, the countdown is on. How will you stand over there in front of this crowd and your team, whose eyes pose as threat constantly affecting you. Oh God, what if they make fun of you in the team room later?

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