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How do you experience work place culture?

Of late we have talked plenty on company culture- what it means to create one, how can we hire right to match, and most importantly how do we create the right, creative mix. Taking a step back, I thought through the question that was most pertinent before we began the real analysis- how do you experience work place culture?

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Experteer at work: and running the field

Being headquartered in the heart of Munich, and in a country in the heart of Europe, means, two things: a) Experteer at work is phenomenal in terms of the work environment (please come visit us you won’t disagree); b) In spite of the Bier or Oktoberfest associations, ‘unfit’ Germans (including internationals that live here) are not the most common site

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How easy is the German tech start-up scene for you?

If you are in the business of the Internet, Munich is a brimming place to be in. Berlin may have its share of open spaces and culture, but the Bavarian capital is not far behind with a string of International start-ups lacing the technology scene.

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