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more effective communication

Be Successful With More Effective Communication

Communications play a central role in day-to-day work. As a senior executive, this means you also have a challenge: You expect that your counterpart in the conversation will listen, understand and act as you wish. Using suitable communications techniques is an important key competency for senior managers. Effective communication is a capability, which can be…

horrible bosses

“Horrible Bosses” – Are You Guilty of These Supervisor Sins?

He might be cynical, bad-tempered, or egocentric – a bad boss usually has one or more of these terrible traits. It’s no wonder that 3/4 of the German workforce are so unmotivated. The ultimate motivation for satisfaction in the workplace is no longer just salary. Today’s employees need to feel appreciated, and have a good relationship with their supervisors to maximize their performance at work. Today you’ll learn how to recognize horrible bosses, and which traits that you, as a senior manager, should quickly fix.

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