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Major League Leadership with Dr. Howard Fero

What do a 15-million-dollar baseball player, a rookie, a new hire, or a star performer all have in common? All of them need to have strong managers who will not only hold them accountable for what they need to do, but empower them to do even more. In Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories…

Leading a Virtual Team

Leading a Virtual Team: Take the Opportunity, Master the Challenges

Today’s corporate world is characterised by increasing internationalisation, rapid communication channels and far-reaching flexibility in employment models. This affects how teams are compiled and how they work. Virtual teams are increasingly becoming the norm in some sectors. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

360-degree feedback

360-Degree Feedback as an Instrument for Managerial Development

As a senior manager, it is important to continuously develop your capabilities. Those that can prove consistent success will be noticed by superiors and headhunters and will climb the career ladder. To build on leadership qualities, it is important to have a realistic self-assessment about ones current situation. 360-degree feedback provides this type of comprehensive…

Successful Team Leader

Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Successful Team Leader?

We can all achieve more when we work together… or so they say. But is that true? Team work has been an integral part of the typical work day for countless companies. Collaboration relies on the combined talents of colleagues from different departments. But a successful team needs, above all else, a skilled team leader….

How To Be Found By Headhunters #headhunterchat

TweetChat: How To Be Found By a Headhunter

We recently organized a TweetChat with @ExperteerWorld and @Experteer on Twitter. The event was organized on April 23rd and had an enthusiastic attendance from recruiters, headhunters and executive candidates globally.

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won't Accept

5 Traits Successful Leaders Won’t Accept

There are some skills that successful leaders radiate. So it stands to reason that these same skills are a priority when it comes to creating their own teams. In order to attain the sought-after position of Senior Manager, or to find the right mentor for you, we recommend that you consider your own skills and talents. What are character strengths that you see as a prerequisite for senior managers?

The Three Components of Great Leadership

The Three Signs of A Great Leader

to be a manager is a task. To be a leader is a skill. We’ve put together the three signs of a great leader. Which will you be – a manager, or a leader?

Experteer Smartphone App

Experteer Smartphone App Now Available for Android!

The staff of Experteer is excited to announce the launch of Experteer’s Smartphone App for Android devices! Launched on February 26, 2015, Android users with version 4.4 and higher can now download our free new career app. Experteer’s app is now available for both Apple and Android systems, the two largest mobile operating systems, and our discrete job…


6 People Who Will Destroy Your Team (and How to Deal With Them)

One could train the team members to hone their skills or learn the brand new tools, but experts often say that it is impossible to fully change the work-attitudes people bring with them. This is especially more difficult at senior levels, where the many years of experience ensure the attitudes are almost set in stone.

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