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What not to do when a headhunter calls

What Not to Do When a Headhunter Calls

It’s a Monday like any other. Somehow everything is not going as smoothly as you would like. The coffee is on strike like the subways and even then there’s this email from your boss, the day seems messed up already by 8 clock in the morning … And then there’s this call: “Hello, do you have a moment for me? Can you speak freely?” Who would have thought, that on the other line there is a headhunter and he calls in to save your day. Well, at least he has a very high probability that a leading management position is in store for you …

Recruiting advice no headhunter ever tells you

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Will Ever Tell You

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Ever Tells You

Most recently, I read through a great piece by David Rogier on Medium about the best recruiting advice he ever got. As any self-respecting ambitious professional wanting to get a great position at a dream company, David talks through his struggle to get himself a position in a ‘start-up’ and the advice he got from Tristan Walker.

work life integration in management jobs

4 tips to climb the corporate ladder

Is it time for a new challenge? Then, well, take a look at the graphic below… It may not necessarily be the exact same in your industry, you if are just a successful “Online acquisition manager” or a “Senior Specialist” in a certain industry and dream to get even close to the top of the food chain, do you know how far you still have to work your way up? Looks pretty daunting at times, right? But it does not need to be so. Because no matter how high you have set your goals (yes, also a Product Director with a completely balanced and happy life), it is always important that you use the right strategies to get ahead.

Headhunter insights kellergreen consulting

At 40, am I still interesting for a headhunter? Your key questions answered!

Clive Green from Kellergreen consulting is our next Headhunter and executive recruiting specialist, sharing some significant details for our executive job seekers for senior level positions. We get you insights from real executive recruiters and headhunters in Kent to Munich allowing us all to learn and hear their voice.

I did nothing today and still got paid

Consumer response: Pay for the privilege of reading jobs

Today, we want to respond to a forum veteran Stephen_NE from Lucern, Switzerland. Firstly, thank you Stephen_NE for taking time out to respond to an Experteer related query. stephen_NE Forum Veteran Lucern Re: Your experience with Experteer- is it worth to pay for it? Any site that makes unemployed people pay for the “privilege” of…


Experteer Reviews: Why be a paid member?

Hint: It is better than free, read further Our customer care team keeps scouting the web for user reviews and comments we can use to improve and keep our products and services most useful for our customers. This week we started a new initiative to help our customers understand our views on the reviews they may…

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