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How to Make Your Job Search More Efficient

Hands on your heart: Don’t we all somehow try to make our CV irresistible? At least to get to the coveted interview to showcase our super skills. All the headhunters first need to get convinced on paper and believe that all requirements are fulfilled. We now live in a society where everyone is trying to get as many titles as possible and to fill his resume with complicated-sounding technical terms. But what exactly works better?


How to use transferable skills in your new jobs?

Transferable skills are competencies and abilities that are relevant and valuable across different areas of life: socially and professionally. Also known as ‘portable skills,’ they can be transferred from one job to another, and could also extend to and include one’s hobbies, sports, volunteer work, or other important life experiences.


6 Tips to Move from Being Self-Employed to a Regular 9-5 Job

Several headhunters have confirmed in interviews that usually the candidates that they hire need to be ‘currently’ employed in regular 9-5 jobs. Candidates in ‘self-employed’ but perhaps less gainful businesses (in monetary terms of course) often fall through the cracks here. Considering that those professionals possibly need the help of a headhunter even more, this does seem rather paradoxical.

we ask the headhunter answers

We Ask, the Headhunter Answers

For your 2015 career ambitions, we bring to you exclusive insights from headhunters. If you are looking for a new management position, you should read the headhunter answers and insights in more detail.

10 ingredients for your cover letter. Get inspired.

10 Ingredients for Your Cover Letter. Get Inspired.

Due to its formal specifications, the resume can certainly help express your specific skills related to a job. But when it comes to bringing out your motivations, the cover letter holds a lot of potential. In addition, with an impressive cover letter you can strongly emphasize your previous and relevant career moves. Take advantage of this opportunity

3 Simple Steps To Prepare For a Successful Job Search

3 Simple Steps To Prepare For a Successful Job Search

It’s early 2015 and you may have decided that this is the year you’re going to secure a new job and move up the career ladder. That’s great, but you’re not alone – many executives have been waiting for the market to improve and now are actively readying themselves to make a career change. So it’s critical you take some simple steps to ensure your application stands out from the competition before hitting send.

words to impress how hiring managers read resumes

How do hiring managers read resumes ?

At the time of looking at the job description, it feels perfect. And you submit the resume. And then you wonder, how do managers read resumes? What are they looking at?

Tips from headhunters for CIOs changing jobs

Tips from Headhunters for all the CIOs changing jobs!

The IT-Department in today’s world is the strategic brain of a company. The culmination of a career in the IT field is the position of the CIO – Chief Information Officer. Most companies with anything to do with technology directly or indirectly tend to have CIOs at management levels. A CIO must not only have the technical knowledge but also have a keen understanding of the business area to be fit for the role.

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