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7 Ways to Impress A Headhunter Before the Interview

7 Ways to Impress A Headhunter Before The Interview

Congratulations – you’ve successfully caught the attention of a headhunter, and landed yourself an interview! That’s a great first step, but there’s still plenty of work ahead of you. Now, you’ve got some time before the big day. The right preparation can seal your fate. Are you ready to showcase and sell yourself as the…

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

Recruiters are trained to look for the best of the best. So it’s not difficult for a talented recruiter to spot a candidate who isn’t prepared, or simply unfit for the position in question. In an interview with a recruiter, you’ve got a very short window of time to truly impress them.

how to tell a headhunter when you dont want the job

How to Tell A Headhunter When You Don’t Want the Job

There are few better feelings than getting a lucrative and exciting new job offer. You’ve done research and preparation, put on your best suit and tie, and dazzled the interviewer. But what happens when you’ve already jumped through all of the hoops, only to find… you really don’t want the job?

Experteer Smartphone App

Experteer Smartphone App Now Available for Android!

The staff of Experteer is excited to announce the launch of Experteer’s Smartphone App for Android devices! Launched on February 26, 2015, Android users with version 4.4 and higher can now download our free new career app. Experteer’s app is now available for both Apple and Android systems, the two largest mobile operating systems, and our discrete job…

Applying in Germany_How to your work references for your career

What Does Your Letter of Recommendation Say About You?

Everything was easier when we were still in school. At the end of the year, every student received a report card, with a simple scale of A-F that measured his progress throughout the year. But in the professional world, things are handled much differently. Once you leave your position at a company, you’re given a pat on the back…

7 qualities headhunters are hiring for

7 Qualities Headhunters Are Hiring For

Over the past year, and in our own experience, we often talk to our headhunter partners and hear out their insights and also the key characteristics that they are looking for in a new candidate especially for a senior position. It is often hard to put a tangible measure for all the soft management skills that are increasingly growing in prominence with all executive recruiters and headhunters alike.


How to Put Up Job Postings for Senior Positions as a Recruiter

The battle for the best candidates today requires a lot of commitment on the part of the employer. Good talents are few and far in between and it is not easy to find top talent. A common strategy recommended to help a headhunter or executive recruiter almost assumes that top candidates will be presented on a silver platter. And you only need to choose the best among them.

The case for rehiring senior managers

The Case for Rehiring Senior Managers

There is possibly no recruitment method more cost- or time-efficient than re-staffing reliable former employees. According to a 2009 Career Builder survey of 2,924 hiring managers, 26% of employers who had laid people off in recent years were planning on bringing some of those layoff casualties back.


How to Identify a Reliable and Discrete Headhunter

Many companies that hire headhunters continue the search for the best candidates for vacant leadership positions. Accordingly, there are also numerous recruitment agencies and headhunters, specializing in executive search – but not all of them are necessarily good. For this reason, it is important as a candidate to learn about the quality of the Headhunters.

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