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Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

Informed, Motivated, and Engaged – Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

In a meeting with a headhunter, would you hungrily wolf down a sloppy sandwich? Or back him into a corner by demanding to know, “How did you find me?” This is no way to make a first impression. On the other hand, if you enter the interview well informed about the position and the company in question, and pose relevant questions to the headhunter, this will count in your favor. Today, we spoke with Dr. Thomas K. Heiden, of the recruiting firm heiden associates, recently recognized by Focus Magazine. Read on to learn how you can best prepare yourself for an interview with a headhunter. With these tips for your next headhunter interview, you’ll score points and get an edge on your competition.

tips for answering common interview questions

Tips on Answering 5 Common Interview Questions

So you’re through to the interview stage. Having presented to many directors and board members over the years, a meeting to discuss a career opportunity shouldn’t feel daunting. However, even the most self-assured executive can feel a degree of apprehension when facing something outside their immediate control. Not knowing what will be asked could be…


Ace Your Job Interview in Germany

For international job seekers, you may have some questions about the interview process in a foreign land. What customs and norms should you be aware of? How can you best prepare yourself, and make a great impression? As if a job interview in your home country isn’t stressful enough, the added dimension of a new culture and maybe even a new language can make for a real nerve-wracking experience. But Experteer has some advice for those who are looking for a job in Deutschland – our guide will help you to ace your job interview in Germany!

Trick Interview Questions

Watch Out for These Trick Interview Questions!

“Tell us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” Whoever thinks that this question hasn’t been used in an interview is wrong. Senior managers aren’t any exception to this rule – they apply to positions with lots of responsibility, and they’re also interrogated at great lengths. The HR manager that sits across from you and quizzes you most likely wants to find out as much as possible about your skills, your leadership abilities, and your personal and professional values. The candidate that panics under this pressure and begins to tell ridiculous stories about their barbecue last summer has already lost any chance at securing a spot. We’ll show you 4 trick interview questions that you may encounter in a job interview, and how your hiring manager will interpret your answers. Today you can learn how to stay calm and poised under pressure, and convey that you’re the perfect candidate for the senior management position.

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

Recruiters are trained to look for the best of the best. So it’s not difficult for a talented recruiter to spot a candidate who isn’t prepared, or simply unfit for the position in question. In an interview with a recruiter, you’ve got a very short window of time to truly impress them.

10 ingredients for your cover letter. Get inspired.

10 Ingredients for Your Cover Letter. Get Inspired.

Due to its formal specifications, the resume can certainly help express your specific skills related to a job. But when it comes to bringing out your motivations, the cover letter holds a lot of potential. In addition, with an impressive cover letter you can strongly emphasize your previous and relevant career moves. Take advantage of this opportunity

7 steps for a successful interview

7 Steps for a Successful Interview

Have you ever wondered what makes some people so successful in an interview for a job? Did they just luck out or was it some innate characteristic that made them irresistible. Or have these people just acquired some techniques that they use cleverly in an interview? At the beginning of a new year, we have enlisted 7 tips for ensuring you have a successful interview!

Self-marketing in your application

Applying in Germany: Self-marketing in your application

Marketing is no longer just a sales strategy which is limited to products. Also the marketing of oneself (if you want to remain attractive for the labor market) or self-marketing in your application is increasingly important in today’s world.

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