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7 Ways to Impress A Headhunter Before the Interview

7 Ways to Impress A Headhunter Before The Interview

ongratulations – you’ve successfully caught the attention of a headhunter, and landed yourself an interview! That’s a great first step, but there’s still plenty of work ahead of you. Now, you’ve got some time before the big day. The right preparation can seal your fate. Are you ready to showcase and sell yourself as the…

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

4 Things Recruiters Never Want To Hear

Recruiters are trained to look for the best of the best. So it’s not difficult for a talented recruiter to spot a candidate who isn’t prepared, or simply unfit for the position in question. In an interview with a recruiter, you’ve got a very short window of time to truly impress them.


How to Identify a Top Headhunter

Finding the right Headhunters is not always easy. Meanwhile, there is an almost overwhelming flow of Headhunting companies with varying quality levels. Seriousness, openness, transparency are some factors that candidates often consider in their evaluation. However, looking more closely at the insights our headhunter partners have to offer, we have now identified important criteria for you to consider on how to identify a top headhunter.

top failures in interviews for management jobs

Top failures in job interviews for management jobs

Not for the first time are we talking about the subject of interviews for a post in our Experteer magazine. As the key to your future, the next interview for management jobs is not something you can avoid dealing with. Sure, if you have the picked out the appropriate suit or the perfect dress, reached in time for the interview and met your interview partner with the head held high and firmly shook hands, that’s not so bad for a start. But that is only half the battle.

Prepared for all the classic interview questions

Applying in Germany: Classic interview questions part 2

There are plenty of them and each is a challenge in itself: job application questions. Especially the ones that increase our heart rate and where we want to flee the room. If it calms you: This is perfectly normal. Recruiters often use questions to see how you can deal with tricky situations. And apart from the tricky questions, it is equally important to consider possible answers to classic interview questions before you go strutting to meet a headhunter or an executive recruiter.

transitioning from a colleague to the boss

Transition from a colleague to the boss: The challenges of management jobs

When I grow up, I’d like to be a boss. Perhaps not the most common career people end up having, but I am sure that it’s on your list too. The executive chair offers many benefits: Decision making power, great travel and of course the big money and all that sounds excellent, right? But is there something we are missing- can all that glitter be gold? We spoke with someone who should know. Michael Dams is currently the Managing Director and Director Central Europe (DA-CH) at National Instruments

Experteer Careerdate Christoph Skrobol

How to know if you are the right culture fit at work- meet your careerdate!

Post a recent HR seminar in Germany, a few excited HR bloggers shared their insights and someone Tweeted the new HR mantra. It said, “Wir müssen Charaktere rekrutieren, nicht Lebensläufe”. Loosely translated it meant, we must recruit for ‘characteristics/ culture-fits’ and not resumes. The immediate question that sparked up my imagination was- how? Today, I spoke with Christoph Skrobol, founder and CEO of a unique new recruitment service- Careerdate

How do headhunters define a top manager

How Do Headhunters Define a Top Manager?

Continuing with our series on headhunter insights, we have another interview today from Rebecca Schween, MD of Worldkonnekt, a London based executive search firm focused on the German speaking markets. From how much realistic time your resume receives in the initial screening to how important the appearance may turn out to be, learn what you can expect and plan for. We believe everyone has their own way of presenting their candidature based on their own unique experiences. However, how do headhunters define a top manager?

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