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How To Be Found By Headhunters #headhunterchat

TweetChat: How To Be Found By a Headhunter

We recently organized a TweetChat with @ExperteerWorld and @Experteer on Twitter. The event was organized on April 23rd and had an enthusiastic attendance from recruiters, headhunters and executive candidates globally.

Use Keywords to Beat the SEO Strategy of Headhunters

The truth is there are a finite number of jobs and infinite applicants to the same (well, in our theory). Corporate recruiters and savvy HR professionals are seeking to match talent to the job, using all their resources inside and outside of their networks. Most of the headhunters and hiring managers rely on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and specialized sites like Experteer on the Internet to search for the perfect candidate. So, the question arises is ‘How do they discover you?’

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