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What questions should a candidate ask a headhunter

What Questions Should a Candidate Ask a Headhunter?

In our regular interviews with headhunters and executive recruiters, we have already answered a variety of questions: How do headhunters define a top manager? How can you be present on a headhunter’s radar? What are they looking for in candidate CVs? Today we’d like to present exclusive insights from Roland Netter, CEO and Managing Partner of GKM-recruitment AG. We’ve asked him some candidate-centric questions for you, including how what questions should a candidate ask a headhunter. Read further to get these exclusive insights…

bob-hope-quote on applying to a headhunter

Active sourcing as a Candidate: Applying to the Headhunter

Active sourcing is usually spoken about from the recruiter’s perspective. So it may sound absurd if we talk about it from a candidate’s perspective, but hear us out, this may directly land you a management position that you’ve been waiting for, forever. In all earnestness, we recommend, an ‘Initiativbewerbung’ (very accurate German word for what we’re saying: initiate your own proactive job application for the headhunter). Active Sourcing or proactive job seeking is in high demand, and there’s no doubt that as a senior candidate you are slated to benefit from it too

Why is mobile recruitment important
Optimize the experience for candidates

Why Mobile Recruitment is Important for Headhunters

Experteer experiences with candidates and headhunters alike have shown us the power of Mobile recruiting in today’s recruitment world. We shared with you before that we launched its own native iOS Experteer mobile app as a response to our candidates’ mobile experiences and needs. The great insight on that front is that close to 35% of all traffic from our 5 million strong candidates comes via the mobile now. Here’s why we think it is critical especially in the recruitment scenarios and how as a headhunter or executive recruiter you can think through your mobile recruitment strategy!

find the perfect photo for your resume

Applying in Germany: find the perfect photo for your resume!

Pictures are a worth a thousand words- and while there’s no rocket science in this statement and before you yawn away thinking it’s a cliche, the reality is that it is true. But what does an image truly convey? The subjectivity of this thought is far more critical when put in the context of a job application. Because the perception of a candidate can be severely altered because of an image and then you’re left wondering if you should have paid a little more attention. Applying in Germany is special in that respect as you are expected to send in your job applications and CVs with a photograph attached to it. Find the perfect photo for your resume- here are our tips!

Are you headhunter material or not

7 Key Insights: Are You Headhunter Material?

We have already described how the headhunting business came about. However, while many of us use several terms in this business, we thought of sharing some insights from Liz Ryan’s post talking about several of these and most importantly sharing what one must expect from headhunters. It also addresses the key candidate question of, are you headhunter material or not?

How to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace

How to Respond to a Headhunter Call at Your Workplace

As a part of our ongoing series when we ask Headhunters the questions that are most pertinent from a candidate’s perspective, we have insights today from Erni Curk, the Managing Director from the Profil Group in Ljubljana that focuses on executive recruitment. From having an internal locus of control alongside a big picture view, to how to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace, read more to find out all that’s expected of candidates in senior positions…

How do headhunters define a top manager

How Do Headhunters Define a Top Manager?

Continuing with our series on headhunter insights, we have another interview today from Rebecca Schween, MD of Worldkonnekt, a London based executive search firm focused on the German speaking markets. From how much realistic time your resume receives in the initial screening to how important the appearance may turn out to be, learn what you can expect and plan for. We believe everyone has their own way of presenting their candidature based on their own unique experiences. However, how do headhunters define a top manager?

Free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany

Free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany

Applying for a job in a new culture is daunting. We understand that. Apart from personal changes, culture and languages that new countries entail, it is most critical to find the job you like and also know what salaries and positions to negotiate for. These usually vary in a new country and even within the same country itself. We take a step back and share a free salary calculator tool to benchmark yourself when applying in Germany.

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