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Introducing Your Experteer Executive Search Experience

At Experteer, we aim to provide senior level candidates with all of the tools necessary for professional success. Our executive search experience is one of the core parts of the Experteer service. We’re excited to announce a new and improved job search experience for our registered users, available in all country versions starting in August 2015.

We spoke to Nina Zimmerman, our VP of Product and Engineering, and Wesley Stuurman, our Senior Product Manager, to learn more about their vision, their journey, and what our users can expect from this revolutionary new upgrade in the executive job search experience.

a change of career at 40

A Change of Career at 40 – But How?

After decades of working in the same industry, with the same daily duties and responsibilities, it’s understandable that you may feel unchallenged, and maybe even bored. But most senior professionals are too scared to try something new. It can be intimidating to consider a change of career at 40 or older, but as with most major life changes, the hardest part is simply to start. The third act of your career might be the most exciting. Don’t allow a fear of the unknown to prevent you from exploring a new direction. Sites like Experteer can offer you access to more than 20,000 headhunters and recruiters who can help you seamlessly transition into a new position or industry. But first, you need to figure out your goals for the future – what kind of job would make you the happiest? What are your goals? Read on for tips on how you can discover your perfect career, and put the spark back in your professional life.

active sourcing as a new recruitment strategy

Active Sourcing as a New Recruitment Strategy [VIDEO]

Companies have been dealing with a lack of skilled workers for quite some time already. Due to demographic and geographic trends all over the world, the job market seems to be in a state of disrepair. Companies are desperately looking for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. This is where Active Sourcing, or the active search for great candidates, comes into play. Today, we’ll explain why Active Sourcing as a new recruitment strategy is so important, and the opportunities that it offers both companies and candidates.

I did nothing today and still got paid

Consumer response: Pay for the privilege of reading jobs

Today, we want to respond to a forum veteran Stephen_NE from Lucern, Switzerland. Firstly, thank you Stephen_NE for taking time out to respond to an Experteer related query. stephen_NE Forum Veteran Lucern Re: Your experience with Experteer- is it worth to pay for it? Any site that makes unemployed people pay for the “privilege” of…

Elevate your career with Experteer

Experteer at work: and running the field

Being headquartered in the heart of Munich, and in a country in the heart of Europe, means, two things: a) Experteer at work is phenomenal in terms of the work environment (please come visit us you won’t disagree); b) In spite of the Bier or Oktoberfest associations, ‘unfit’ Germans (including internationals that live here) are not the most common site

Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine

Introducing Vantage Point, The Experteer Magazine

Usually, cool cats at Experteer tend to dream of new things in exquisite ways. Most of them are related to just how we can improve the experiences of a user. Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine makes its entry today. On a quick Google search, senior management professionals will notice, that while their ‘free time’ does not seem to be increasing, the sheer volume of articles to read on topics of interest is exploding…

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