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Managers On the Move An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives
Managers on the Move

An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives

Ever considered boosting your career by moving abroad? Choosing to live in another country is no longer the privilege of a select few. Learn what life abroad is like for the average expat executive.

Experteer Smartphone App

Experteer Smartphone App Now Available for Android!

The staff of Experteer is excited to announce the launch of Experteer’s Smartphone App for Android devices! Launched on February 26, 2015, Android users with version 4.4 and higher can now download our free new career app. Experteer’s app is now available for both Apple and Android systems, the two largest mobile operating systems, and our discrete job…

worst way for a candidate to behave with a headhunter

A Headhunter Shares the Worst Way for a Candidate to Behave on a Phone Call

Priorly we shared details with you on how to establish a long term relationship with a headhunter or an executive recruiter and what could be done potentially to improve your chances of getting the next management position. Today, we present an interesting interview with Hildegard Freund, CEO of Hildegard HR Consulting in Germany. From talking through the best ways to contact a headhunter to the worst way for a candidate to behave on the first phone call, get all the exclusive insights directly from the headhunter, and be sure that you’re following all the best practices!


How to determine the cost of unhappy employees?

As we described before, workplace happiness has a direct impact on productivity of employees. As a manager and a CEO, this is something that of utmost importance. Especially with the millennials entering the workforce and wanting far more flexibility, tangible work-culture, most managers have to deal with the cost of unhappy employees.

Why is mobile recruitment important
Optimize the experience for candidates

Why Mobile Recruitment is Important for Headhunters

Experteer experiences with candidates and headhunters alike have shown us the power of Mobile recruiting in today’s recruitment world. We shared with you before that we launched its own native iOS Experteer mobile app as a response to our candidates’ mobile experiences and needs. The great insight on that front is that close to 35% of all traffic from our 5 million strong candidates comes via the mobile now. Here’s why we think it is critical especially in the recruitment scenarios and how as a headhunter or executive recruiter you can think through your mobile recruitment strategy!

Experteer experiences new look

Experteer experiences- presenting the new look!

Do you know this feeling: In the morning just before heading to office, you catch a glimpse of you in the mirror and suddenly you feel as if something needs to change. This idea captures your imagination and you get convinced that your look needs a makeover. You’ve been thinking through plenty new ideas at this point, including, a collage of interesting new hairstyles and styling compiled by scouring the Internet for hours or even via trained professionals.

Experteer review customer service thank you

Experteer review: Customer service says thank you!

Dear Experteer users- this article is really important to us. It’s something we’ve been wanting to share for a while in fact. Especially as a thank you to all those who took time out and wrote to us and shared their Experteer review. Experteer customer service and all of us in fact are tremendously excited and would like to share our gratitude!

Headhunter contact tips

3 tips for improving your Headhunter contact journey!

As usual, this Friday, we discuss an Experteer review with everyone to help anyone else who may get confused with some of the information. We believe our candidates need to know the logic behind our service directly from us, and we do hope that helps him in getting enough data to make an informed choice. Experteer has a string of Headhunters and recruiters that scan your profiles for matching senior level positions everyday, we will also use this article to show you how to improve on how you can have a great experience on your first recruiter or Headhunter contact.


Experteer Reviews: Why be a paid member?

Hint: It is better than free, read further Our customer care team keeps scouting the web for user reviews and comments we can use to improve and keep our products and services most useful for our customers. This week we started a new initiative to help our customers understand our views on the reviews they may…

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